• v1.6.0 fd886e7315

    v1.6.0 Pre-Release

    dan released this 2022-02-10 22:26:21 +00:00 | 726 commits to trunk since this release

    A special thanks to the amazing volunteer translators and testers who made this release possible.

    • New Features:
      • Custom Profile Images
        • This requires enabling the Filesharing and Image Preview experiments
      • Advanced Tor Configuration
        • Cwtch can now be configured to cache tor consensus information, use predefined ports, and connect to an external, system Tor
        • Tor Circuit information is now available for P2P Conversations
      • Notification Policies
        • You can now mute specific conversations, turn off notifications entirely,
          or switch all notifications to opt-in.
    • Bug Fixes / Improvements:
      • Support sender side previews for shared images.
      • Deleting P2P contacts is now supported again
      • Clickable Links will no longer append https to the text of the
        displayed URL
      • Closing via the windows exit button on Linux now triggers Cwtch to
        shut down cleanly.
      • Packaged Tor has been upgraded.
    • Accessibility / UX:
      • Full French, Russian and Italian Translations!
        • Notifications are not translatable
      • Settings Pane is now broken down by subheadings
      • Message view now displays an estimated character count/limit for new messages
      • Fix bug that allows multiple file dialog windows to be opened when sharing
        a file
      • Number of unread messages from other loaded profiles are now summarized on the active profile.