• v1.8.0 4404977128

    v1.8.0 Pre-Release

    sarah released this 2022-06-27 19:53:21 +00:00 | 509 commits to trunk since this release

    • New Features:
      • New Message Formatting Toolbar
      • Brand New Documentation Handbook: docs.cwtch.im
      • Apple Silicon Support
    • Bug Fixes / Improvements:
      • Clicking on a Quoted Message will not scroll to that message
      • Quoted messages are now clipped to single line to maximize space
      • Clicking a contact in a conversation to initiate a DM will now scroll the conversation list to that contact.
      • Cwtch is now based on Flutter 3
        • Linux: Holding down a keyboard key will now repeat input
      • Dropdown fields in Settings are now correctly scaled
      • Bug Fix preventing archived messages from displaying their correct timestamp
      • Syncing a new group on a new server will now update the syncing progress bar
      • Address has been removed from Group Conversation Settings as it no long has any practical use
    • Accessibility / UX:
      • Full translations for French, German, Italian, Russian, Polish, Spanish, and Welsh
      • Core translations for Danish (89%), Norwegian (89%), and Romanian (89%).
      • Partial translations for Luxembourgish (24%), Greek (19%), and Portuguese (7%).
      • Add Contact UX has been split to prompt for a specific action instead on directly opening the Add Contact pane
      • Several small updates to theming
      • Image / File display overlay now displays timestamp like other messages
      • Snackbar notifications have been added for all copy actions
      • Conversation row now displays the date instead of time for conversations between 1 and 2 days old
      • Conversation row is now split onto multiple lines to better use space
      • When scrolling up a conversation, a button is now displayed to allow quickly scrolling to the most recent messages