A Flutter based Cwtch UI https://cwtch.im
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mkdir -p ~/.local/bin
sed "s|~|$HOME|g" cwtch.home.sh > ~/.local/bin/cwtch
chmod a+x ~/.local/bin/cwtch
mkdir -p ~/.local/share/icons
cp cwtch.png ~/.local/share/icons
mkdir -p ~/.local/share/cwtch
cp -r data ~/.local/share/cwtch
mkdir -p ~/.local/lib/cwtch
cp -r lib/* ~/.local/lib/cwtch
mkdir -p ~/.local/share/applications
sed "s|~|$HOME|g" cwtch.home.desktop > $HOME/.local/share/applications/cwtch.desktop
chmod a+x $HOME/.local/share/applications/cwtch.desktop