Fix Error in ACL-V1 that Prevented ShareFiles (for some)
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Also aligns model.DeserializeAttributes to best practice
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Sarah Jamie Lewis 2024-02-24 11:57:46 -08:00
parent 1d9202ff93
commit 05a198c89f
Signed by: sarah
GPG Key ID: F27FD21A270837EF
4 changed files with 27 additions and 10 deletions

.gitignore vendored
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@ -35,3 +35,4 @@ tordir/

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@ -71,3 +71,4 @@ const Description = "description"
// Used to store the status of acl migrations
const ACLVersion = "acl-version"
const ACLVersionOne = "acl-v1"
const ACLVersionTwo = "acl-v2"

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@ -59,8 +59,12 @@ func (a *Attributes) Serialize() []byte {
// DeserializeAttributes converts a JSON struct into an Attributes map
func DeserializeAttributes(data []byte) Attributes {
var attributes Attributes
json.Unmarshal(data, &attributes)
attributes := make(Attributes)
err := json.Unmarshal(data, &attributes)
if err != nil {
log.Error("error deserializing attributes (this is likely a programming error): %v", err)
return make(Attributes)
return attributes

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@ -312,13 +312,14 @@ func (cp *cwtchPeer) GenerateProtocolEngine(acn connectivity.ACN, bus event.Mana
if tor.IsValidHostname(conversation.Handle) {
// if this profile does not have an ACL version, and the profile is accepted, then migrate
// the permissions to the v1 ACL
// if this profile does not have an ACL version, and the profile is accepted (OR the acl version is v1 and the profile is accepted...)
// then migrate the permissions to the v2 ACL
// migrate the old accepted AC to a new fine-grained one
// we only do this for previously trusted connections
// NOTE: this does not supercede global cwthch experiments settings
// if share files is turned off globally then acl.ShareFiles will be ignored.
if _, exists := conversation.GetAttribute(attr.LocalScope, attr.ProfileZone, constants.ACLVersion); !exists {
// if share files is turned off globally then acl.ShareFiles will be ignored
// Note: There was a bug in the original EP code that meant that some acl-v1 profiles did not get ShareFiles or RenderImages - this corrects that.
if version, exists := conversation.GetAttribute(attr.LocalScope, attr.ProfileZone, constants.ACLVersion); !exists || version == constants.ACLVersionOne {
if conversation.Accepted {
if ac, exists := conversation.ACL[conversation.Handle]; exists {
ac.ShareFiles = true
@ -329,7 +330,7 @@ func (cp *cwtchPeer) GenerateProtocolEngine(acn connectivity.ACN, bus event.Mana
// Update the ACL Version, attr.LocalScope.ConstructScopedZonedPath(attr.ProfileZone.ConstructZonedPath(constants.ACLVersion)), constants.ACLVersionOne), attr.LocalScope.ConstructScopedZonedPath(attr.ProfileZone.ConstructZonedPath(constants.ACLVersion)), constants.ACLVersionTwo)
// Store the updated ACL, conversation.ACL)
@ -713,8 +714,18 @@ func (cp *cwtchPeer) NewContactConversation(handle string, acl model.AccessContr
conversationInfo, _ :=
if conversationInfo == nil {
conversationID, err :=, model.Attributes{event.SaveHistoryKey: event.DeleteHistoryDefault}, model.AccessControlList{handle: acl}, accepted)
cp.SetConversationAttribute(conversationID, attr.LocalScope.ConstructScopedZonedPath(attr.ProfileZone.ConstructZonedPath(constants.ACLVersion)), constants.ACLVersionOne)
if err != nil {
log.Errorf("unable to create a new contact conversation: %v", err)
return -1, err
cp.SetConversationAttribute(conversationID, attr.LocalScope.ConstructScopedZonedPath(attr.ProfileZone.ConstructZonedPath(constants.AttrLastConnectionTime)), time.Now().Format(time.RFC3339Nano))
if accepted {
// If this call came from a trusted action (i.e. import bundle or accept button then accept the conversation)
// This assigns all permissions (and in v2 is currently the default state of trusted contacts)
// Accept conversation does PeerWithOnion
cp.SetConversationAttribute(conversationID, attr.LocalScope.ConstructScopedZonedPath(attr.ProfileZone.ConstructZonedPath(constants.ACLVersion)), constants.ACLVersionTwo)
cp.eventBus.Publish(event.NewEvent(event.ContactCreated, map[event.Field]string{event.ConversationID: strconv.Itoa(conversationID), event.RemotePeer: handle}))
return conversationID, err
@ -1257,9 +1268,9 @@ func (cp *cwtchPeer) ImportBundle(importString string) error {
return ConstructResponse(constants.ImportBundlePrefix, "success")
} else if tor.IsValidHostname(importString) {
_, err := cp.NewContactConversation(importString, model.DefaultP2PAccessControl(), true)
// NOTE: Not NewContactConversation implictly does AcceptConversation AND PeerWithOnion if relevant so
// we no longer need to do it here...
if err == nil {
// Assuming all is good, we should peer with this contact.
return ConstructResponse(constants.ImportBundlePrefix, "success")
return ConstructResponse(constants.ImportBundlePrefix, err.Error())