contact retry force disconnect internally any connecting over 2xcircut timeout
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Dan Ballard 2023-07-19 21:57:13 -07:00 committed by Gitea
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@ -212,6 +212,16 @@ func (cr *contactRetry) run() {
cr.lastCheck = time.Now()
// regardless of if we're up, run manual force deconnectiong of timed out connections
cr.connections.Range(func(k, v interface{}) bool {
p := v.(*contact)
if p.state == connections.CONNECTING && time.Since(p.lastAttempt) > time.Duration(circuitTimeoutSecs)*time.Second*2 {
// we have been "connecting" for twice the circuttimeout so it's failed, we just didn't learn about it, manually disconnect
cr.handleEvent(, connections.DISCONNECTED, p.ctype)
log.Errorf("had to manually set peer %v of profile %v to DISCONNECTED due to assumed circuit timeout (%v) seconds",, cr.onion, circuitTimeoutSecs*2)
return true
select {
case e := <-cr.queue.OutChan():