24 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Dan Ballard 258cf84e68 fixing race conditions; removing peer.GetProfile as unsafe 3 months ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 8f85f49404 Initial pass at race condition fixes 6 months ago
  Dan Ballard 968807d11a drone only work on master branch 6 months ago
  Dan Ballard dfcf7f8777 drone no tidy 9 months ago
  Dan Ballard af1d3a83a3 drone mod vendor 9 months ago
  Dan Ballard 4d3f96b4b1 make module useage use vendors 9 months ago
  Dan Ballard 5a88f51dda switch to go modules for dependancies 9 months ago
  Dan Ballard b5992d9f85 drone only email on fail 1 year ago
  erinn b06c54bb36 update drone golint import 1 year ago
  Dan Ballard 1569effa5b update drone to use new buildfiles/tor location 1 year ago
  Dan Ballard 298a996b7d drone notify-gogs even on failure 1 year ago
  Dan Ballard c289052aae Android use changes: dedup peer start code; peer and app track write directory and files, do not use supplied filenames for Save(); rework tormanager to take a path to tor binary 1 year ago
  Dan Ballard 6103287542 drone: move to drone-gogs 1 year ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 3497dbe8e1 drone fix 1 year ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis a8dbadccf0 drone fix 1 year ago
  Dan Ballard 5c3bce50d7 drone.yml revert 1 year ago
  Dan Ballard 6592b37eda drone.yml pass buildbot secret to script 1 year ago
  Dan Ballard fece08e87c drone notify-gogs event fix when pull_reqyest 1 year ago
  Dan Ballard 57f9d68747 drone notify gogs via buildbot 1 year ago
  Dan Ballard 5a64ae8e27 drone use drone@openprivacy.ca email 1 year ago
  Dan Ballard 0c0760f6f0 getting tor support into drone and running integ test 1 year ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis f1405680f6 Testing Gogs API 1 year ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 0d7f51dd86 Removing notify for now to commit valid drone step 1 year ago
  Dan Ballard 8bd9da974d drone build configuration 1 year ago