28 Commity (master)

Autor SHA1 Wiadomość Data
  Dan Ballard 15a8ac5874 make storage v1 fileenc methods public for app easy resuse on config storage; upgrade to colored log 1 tydzień temu
  Dan Ballard e91e892eef Adding new authorization level to peers; porting Blocked status to authorization; removing trusted; securing engine/peerapp message processing around authoriztion 3 tygodni temu
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 0d580acf65 Updating libricochet-go v1.0.13 2 miesięcy temu
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 8869ca5323 Update libricochet to 1.0.12 2 miesięcy temu
  Dan Ballard 012a6e080f add lint to go.mod, remove from drone get 2 miesięcy temu
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 8a765b2094 Upgrading tapir 3 miesięcy temu
  Dan Ballard dc3df531dd peer getVal/retVal messages and functions and handling 4 miesięcy temu
  Dan Ballard 12089d9fa4 migrate to stand alone log and connectivity packages 4 miesięcy temu
  Dan Ballard 258cf84e68 fixing race conditions; removing peer.GetProfile as unsafe 5 miesięcy temu
  Dan Ballard ce2ab92822 bump libricochet-go version cus bine dos window hide 5 miesięcy temu
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 0ed51a1418 Checkout tapir 6 miesięcy temu
  Dan Ballard 3dc92f39c5 rapir 0.1.13 6 miesięcy temu
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 8f85f49404 Initial pass at race condition fixes 8 miesięcy temu
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 99ea31ce82 Adding Network Status Plugin + Fixing plugin goroutine leaks 8 miesięcy temu
  Dan Ballard 77d26d3877 profile and peer messaging refactor. Profiles once again store timelines for peers, should be used as canonical timeline by frontend UI 8 miesięcy temu
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 53c045f1ce Updating dependencies 10 miesięcy temu
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 01ec46a97c Upgrading to Tapir Identity 11 miesięcy temu
  Dan Ballard bb6edbac47 libricochet-go version bump 11 miesięcy temu
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 821e64c360 Additional Tapir Improvements 11 miesięcy temu
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 29852508d9 Updating Tapir 11 miesięcy temu
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 6e64f65962 First cut of Tapir Integration 11 miesięcy temu
  Dan Ballard 2246c6b3bc Build out pipeBridge to have a connection manager and base64 encode binary data; add support for tor acn status callback/events 1 rok temu
  Dan Ballard f66f0273a6 bump libricochet to 1.0.3 1 rok temu
  Dan Ballard 30722415d5 new libricochet release 1 rok temu
  Sarah Jamie Lewis fea46b5aaf Updating Cwtch to Depend on Ricochet v1.0.1 1 rok temu
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 9e055f1ee0 Updating libricochet to latest 1 rok temu
  Sarah Jamie Lewis ebe8db6c31 Blocking now kills listening connections too 1 rok temu
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 1028f04ae7 Setting Up Go Module and Fixing Dependency Bug 1 rok temu