128 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Dan Ballard e91e892eef Adding new authorization level to peers; porting Blocked status to authorization; removing trusted; securing engine/peerapp message processing around authoriztion 2 weeks ago
  Dan Ballard 5f39c1d498 make peer handling of NewRetValMessage optional, as UI handles it fully 2 months ago
  Dan Ballard dc3df531dd peer getVal/retVal messages and functions and handling 4 months ago
  Dan Ballard 12089d9fa4 migrate to stand alone log and connectivity packages 4 months ago
  Dan Ballard 258cf84e68 fixing race conditions; removing peer.GetProfile as unsafe 5 months ago
  Dan Ballard 514d25c365 tie peerWithOnion to AddContact 8 months ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 99ea31ce82 Adding Network Status Plugin + Fixing plugin goroutine leaks 8 months ago
  Dan Ballard b42baef6c5 add get/set attribute for profile/contact/group to cwtch_peer that does the action and emits an event; rename profile.GetGroupByGroupID to GetGroup for consitency 8 months ago
  Dan Ballard 77d26d3877 profile and peer messaging refactor. Profiles once again store timelines for peers, should be used as canonical timeline by frontend UI 8 months ago
  Dan Ballard 15582c7e79 Rework group invite workflow: delete cwtchPacket references as no longer needed. Remove more events from being default handled by Peer (but allow them for some usecases still (testing, simple apps). 9 months ago
  Dan Ballard bd75e44555 make event.Queue use internal infinite channels; make event.Manager not use failable writes 10 months ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 3c67c47bb0 Add support for unblocking peers 11 months ago
  Dan Ballard 695a622963 adding delete contact and group support 11 months ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 6e64f65962 First cut of Tapir Integration 11 months ago
  Dan Ballard 8c16210407 Add windows stub for pipeBridge to fix windows build; fix goland error arround ConnectionState[Type] 11 months ago
  Dan Ballard 0465973a78 add app level functionality to reload from service 11 months ago
  Dan Ballard 9f52e5de7b fixes to pipe bridge: it base64 encodes data of messages before sending them over to preserve binary data; fixed a lack of wiring for ipcBridge in service 1 year ago
  Dan Ballard 67678e14e4 fixes to pipe bridge: it base64 encodes data of messages before sendign them over to preserve binary data; fixed a lack of wiring for ipcBridge in service 1 year ago
  Dan Ballard e1d6dd7253 adding named pipe IPC pipe for use with app client/service; some adjustments to app client/service based on usage by UI; bug fixes: groupInvite json over ipc pipe using json was bugged, 'fixed' with base64 encoding; fixed race condition with peer server connection creation 1 year ago
  Dan Ballard 04dd8fa89c App Client/Service: new IPCBridge type and test gochan impl; new IPC using eventManager; new App Client and Service; some app api changes and a few more events (NewPeer) and errors (Loading errors) 1 year ago
  Dan Ballard 0c4bbe9ad1 Refactor: engine and peer decoupled, engine and eventbus now per peer 1 year ago
  Dan Ballard 1e1cbe6cd8 make engine a interface and private struct, private most methods 1 year ago
  Dan Ballard 2b2dcb9f6b make cwtch responsible for firing joinServer after joining a group; fire a fetch done event 1 year ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis a210986140 Upgrade SendMessageToGroup to return the signature for UX tracking purposes 1 year ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 46bab264b4 Adding Accept Invite Flow 1 year ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis b607293c2d Fixing json/protobuf confusion 1 year ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 3f6623bf42 Cutting cruft from import group 1 year ago
  erinn 1f5a8685c4 store name of new contacts correctly 1 year ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 8f3b607053 Fixing New Group Invite flow 1 year ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis eb2a770085 Fix AddContact 1 year ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 33a8922e43 Message Store Fix 1 year ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 2b47c50d0d Fixing up first time storage and ensuring we no longer dupe messages in timeline 1 year ago
  erinn ac077521be save new groups and group timelines 1 year ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 2239463512 ineffassign and misspell 1 year ago
  erinn dcc65f0ffe iterating on eventbus fields 1 year ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis dc6cd56098 Defining Event Fields as Constants 1 year ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 16c8095e5f Adding Timestamp to Events 1 year ago
  erinn f28cf6b781 removing old timeline notification code and dropping support for updating existing groups 1 year ago
  erinn 4f39aec94b expose app eventbus and message ack IDs 1 year ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 1028f04ae7 Setting Up Go Module and Fixing Dependency Bug 1 year ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 849deb14dc Autoblock Known Blocked Peers 1 year ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis c3d797b2e1 Protocol Engine Refactor 1 year ago
  Dan Ballard 3367f1a083 updating to new libricochet-go log api 1 year ago
  Dan Ballard 563597907c server should retry on tor loss 1 year ago
  Dan Ballard 6f6fa90946 add channels to tests using Listen in a thread to sync; add some cleanup to other tests; fix a potential NPE 1 year ago
  Dan Ballard 8a0d9c54fd local var rename 1 year ago
  erinn ddbf96e668 little fixes 1 year ago
  erinn 3b932bedc0 little fixes 1 year ago
  Dan Ballard ff54059111 update name 1 year ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis dc489398ea Checking if a group is setup on a v3 onion server 1 year ago