6 Commits (0465973a78403967a5d8894e2570b84ea447bd39)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Dan Ballard 0465973a78 add app level functionality to reload from service 11 months ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis b7577d9fe3 Removing non-deterministic sleeps, replace with channel wait 1 year ago
  Dan Ballard 04dd8fa89c App Client/Service: new IPCBridge type and test gochan impl; new IPC using eventManager; new App Client and Service; some app api changes and a few more events (NewPeer) and errors (Loading errors) 1 year ago
  Dan Ballard 0c4bbe9ad1 Refactor: engine and peer decoupled, engine and eventbus now per peer 1 year ago
  Dan Ballard 2b2dcb9f6b make cwtch responsible for firing joinServer after joining a group; fire a fetch done event 1 year ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis c3d797b2e1 Protocol Engine Refactor 1 year ago
  Dan Ballard 3367f1a083 updating to new libricochet-go log api 1 year ago
  Dan Ballard 6f6fa90946 add channels to tests using Listen in a thread to sync; add some cleanup to other tests; fix a potential NPE 1 year ago
  Dan Ballard 85a2c44891 Following libricochetgo's migration to bine and a generic Mixnet 1 year ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 1531885bcd Adding Custom Attributes to Contacts, Removing ClientIdentity Processing 1 year ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 1e04b1161e Adding V3 Onions to Cwtch! 1 year ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 22aebae0e5 Actually implementing correct signature construction 2 years ago
  Dan Ballard cf80207f77 rename go-ricochet to libricochet-go 2 years ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 77e62b1b66 Renaming to cwtch.im 2 years ago
  Dan Ballard e0541dec15 adding tests.sh script; fixing connections tests broken by removing private_key with pk generation 2 years ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 9a4693c223 fixing go lint issues 2 years ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis b43aa55b44 Refactoring, fixing up some issues 2 years ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 335a8d76c3 Adding peer channels, renaming client->peer 2 years ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis fbf42b3a79 Client Fetch Logic 2 years ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 5f94e82347 PeerServerConnection Definition and Tests 2 years ago