16 Commits (04dd8fa89ca2666de4b599e72abc8aa38b80d4b8)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Dan Ballard 04dd8fa89c App Client/Service: new IPCBridge type and test gochan impl; new IPC using eventManager; new App Client and Service; some app api changes and a few more events (NewPeer) and errors (Loading errors) 7 months ago
  Dan Ballard 0c4bbe9ad1 Refactor: engine and peer decoupled, engine and eventbus now per peer 8 months ago
  Dan Ballard 1e1cbe6cd8 make engine a interface and private struct, private most methods 8 months ago
  Dan Ballard 2b2dcb9f6b make cwtch responsible for firing joinServer after joining a group; fire a fetch done event 9 months ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 6697c73222 Improving peer error handling 10 months ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 711e46ce10 Adding Error Tracking to Group Sends 11 months ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis f056407cd0 Sending Message to an Offline Peer no longer blocks 11 months ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 2239463512 ineffassign and misspell 1 year ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 9e055f1ee0 Updating libricochet to latest 1 year ago
  erinn dcc65f0ffe iterating on eventbus fields 1 year ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis ebe8db6c31 Blocking now kills listening connections too 1 year ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis dc6cd56098 Defining Event Fields as Constants 1 year ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 16c8095e5f Adding Timestamp to Events 1 year ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 849deb14dc Autoblock Known Blocked Peers 1 year ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis c3d797b2e1 Protocol Engine Refactor 1 year ago