Official peer and server implementations.
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Dan Ballard 2dbab8cfc4 composed apps use their own mutexs 1 月之前
bots/servermon adding named pipe IPC pipe for use with app client/service; some adjustments to app client/service based on usage by UI; bug fixes: groupInvite json over ipc pipe using json was bugged, 'fixed' with base64 encoding; fixed race condition with peer server connection creation 6 月之前
cli Rework group invite workflow: delete cwtchPacket references as no longer needed. Remove more events from being default handled by Peer (but allow them for some usecases still (testing, simple apps). 4 月之前
cwtchutil Change password on a peer and it's storage 1 月之前
peer make event.Queue use internal infinite channels; make event.Manager not use failable writes 5 月之前
plugins Initial pass at race condition fixes 2 月之前
utils First cut of automatic acknowledgements and protocol contexts 5 月之前
app.go composed apps use their own mutexs 1 月之前
appBridge.go add app level functionality to reload from service 6 月之前
appClient.go composed apps use their own mutexs 1 月之前
appService.go composed apps use their own mutexs 1 月之前
applets.go Adding Network Status Plugin + Fixing plugin goroutine leaks 2 月之前