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package model
import "sync"
// Experiments are optional functionality that can be enabled/disabled by an application either completely or individually.
// examples of experiments include File Sharing, Profile Images and Groups.
type Experiments struct {
enabled bool
experiments *sync.Map
// InitExperiments encapsulates a set of experiments separate from their storage in GlobalSettings.
func InitExperiments(enabled bool, experiments map[string]bool) Experiments {
syncExperiments := new(sync.Map)
for experiment, set := range experiments {
syncExperiments.Store(experiment, set)
return Experiments{
enabled: enabled,
experiments: syncExperiments,
// IsEnabled is a convenience function that takes in an experiment and returns true if it is enabled. Experiments
// are only enabled if both global experiments are turned on and if the specific experiment is also turned on.
// The one exception to this is experiments that have been promoted to default functionality which may be turned on
// even if experiments turned off globally. These experiments are defined by DefaultEnabledFunctionality.
func (e *Experiments) IsEnabled(experiment string) bool {
if !e.enabled {
// todo handle default-enabled functionality
return false
enabled, exists := e.experiments.Load(experiment)
if !exists {
return false
return enabled.(bool)