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package model
import (
// KeyType provides a wrapper for a generic public key type identifier (could be an onion address, a zcash address etc.)
type KeyType string
const (
// BundleType - the attribute under which the signed server bundle is stored...
BundleType = KeyType("server_key_bundle")
// KeyTypeServerOnion - a cwtch address
KeyTypeServerOnion = KeyType("bulletin_board_onion") // bulletin board
// KeyTypeTokenOnion - a cwtch peer with a PoW based token protocol
KeyTypeTokenOnion = KeyType("token_service_onion")
//KeyTypePrivacyPass - a privacy pass based token server
KeyTypePrivacyPass = KeyType("privacy_pass_public_key")
// Key provides a wrapper for a generic public key identifier (could be an onion address, a zcash address etc.)
type Key string
// KeyBundle manages a collection of related keys for various different services.
type KeyBundle struct {
Keys map[KeyType]Key
Signature []byte
// NewKeyBundle creates a new KeyBundle initialized with no keys.
func NewKeyBundle() *KeyBundle {
keyBundle := new(KeyBundle)
keyBundle.Keys = make(map[KeyType]Key)
return keyBundle
// HasKeyType returns true if the bundle has a public key of a given type.
func (kb *KeyBundle) HasKeyType(keytype KeyType) bool {
_, exists := kb.Keys[keytype]
return exists
// GetKey retrieves a key with a given type from the bundle
func (kb *KeyBundle) GetKey(keytype KeyType) (Key, error) {
key, exists := kb.Keys[keytype]
if exists {
return key, nil
return "", errors.New("no such key")
// Serialize produces a json encoded byte array.
func (kb KeyBundle) Serialize() []byte {
// json.Marshal sorts map keys
bundle, _ := json.Marshal(kb)
return bundle
// Sign allows a server to authenticate a key bundle by signing it (this uses the tapir identity interface)
func (kb *KeyBundle) Sign(identity primitives.Identity) {
kb.Signature = identity.Sign(kb.Serialize())
// DeserializeAndVerify takes in a json formatted bundle and only returns a valid key bundle
// if it has been signed by the server.
func DeserializeAndVerify(bundle []byte) (*KeyBundle, error) {
keyBundle := new(KeyBundle)
err := json.Unmarshal(bundle, &keyBundle)
if err == nil {
signature := keyBundle.Signature
keyBundle.Signature = nil
serverKey, _ := keyBundle.GetKey(KeyTypeServerOnion)
// We have to do convert the encoded key to a format that can be used to verify the signature
var decodedPub []byte
decodedPub, err = base32.StdEncoding.DecodeString(strings.ToUpper(string(serverKey)))
if err == nil && len(decodedPub) == 35 {
if ed25519.Verify(decodedPub[:32], keyBundle.Serialize(), signature) { // == true
return keyBundle, nil
err = InvalidEd25519PublicKey
return nil, err
// AttributeBundle returns a map that can be used as part of a peer attribute bundle
func (kb *KeyBundle) AttributeBundle() map[string]string {
ab := make(map[string]string)
for k, v := range kb.Keys {
ab[string(k)] = string(v)
return ab