Official peer and server implementations.
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Sarah Jamie Lewis a7fd359233 Fixing Data Races in Event Bus 3 недель назад
file_enc.go save new groups and group timelines 10 месяцев назад
file_store.go stream storage for timelines, wired into profile store 10 месяцев назад
profile_store.go add get/set attribute for profile/contact/group to cwtch_peer that does the action and emits an event; rename profile.GetGroupByGroupID to GetGroup for consitency 1 месяц назад
profile_store_test.go Fixing Data Races in Event Bus 3 недель назад
stream_store.go profile and peer messaging refactor. Profiles once again store timelines for peers, should be used as canonical timeline by frontend UI 1 месяц назад
stream_store_test.go Bugfix Streamstore 10 месяцев назад