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package server
import (
// Reporting is a struct for storing a the config a server needs to be a peer, and connect to a group to report
type Reporting struct {
LogMetricsToFile bool `json:"logMetricsToFile"`
ReportingGroupID string `json:"reportingGroupId"`
ReportingServerAddr string `json:"reportingServerAddr"`
// Config is a struct for storing basic server configuration
type Config struct {
ConfigDir string `json:"-"`
MaxBufferLines int `json:"maxBufferLines"`
PublicKey ed25519.PublicKey `json:"publicKey"`
PrivateKey ed25519.PrivateKey `json:"privateKey"`
ServerReporting Reporting `json:"serverReporting"`
// Identity returns an encapsulation of the servers keys for running ricochet
func (config *Config) Identity() identity.Identity {
return identity.InitializeV3("", &config.PrivateKey, &config.PublicKey)
// Save dumps the latest version of the config to a json file given by filename
func (config *Config) Save(dir, filename string) {
log.Printf("Saving config to %s\n", path.Join(dir, filename))
bytes, _ := json.MarshalIndent(config, "", "\t")
ioutil.WriteFile(path.Join(dir, filename), bytes, 0600)
// LoadConfig loads a Config from a json file specified by filename
func LoadConfig(configDir, filename string) Config {
log.Printf("Loading config from %s\n", filename)
config := Config{}
config.ConfigDir = configDir
config.MaxBufferLines = 100000
config.ServerReporting.LogMetricsToFile = false
raw, err := ioutil.ReadFile(path.Join(configDir, filename))
if err == nil {
err = json.Unmarshal(raw, &config)
if err != nil {
log.Println("Error reading config: ", err)
if config.PrivateKey == nil {
config.PublicKey, config.PrivateKey, _ = ed25519.GenerateKey(rand.Reader)
// Always save (first time generation, new version with new variables populated)
config.Save(configDir, filename)
return config