Official peer implementation.
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package connections
// ConnectionState defines the various states a connection can be in from disconnected to authenticated
type ConnectionState int
// Connection States
// DISCONNECTED - No existing connection has been made, or all attempts have failed
// CONNECTING - We are in the process of attempting to connect to a given endpoint
// CONNECTED - We have connected but not yet authenticated
// AUTHENTICATED - im.ricochet.auth-hidden-server has succeeded on the connection.
// SYNCED - we have pulled all the messages for groups from the server and are ready to send
const (
DISCONNECTED ConnectionState = iota
var (
// ConnectionStateName allows conversion of states to their string representations
ConnectionStateName = []string{"Disconnected", "Connecting", "Connected", "Authenticated", "Synced", "Failed", "Killed"}
// ConnectionStateToType allows conversion of strings to their state type
func ConnectionStateToType() map[string]ConnectionState {
return map[string]ConnectionState{"Disconnected": DISCONNECTED, "Connecting": CONNECTING,
"Connected": CONNECTED, "Authenticated": AUTHENTICATED, "Synced": SYNCED, "Failed": FAILED, "Killed": KILLED}