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@ -10,13 +10,6 @@ We are still finalizing the exact format of the theme files. Please consider thi
Cwtch now supports customized Cwtch themes. Themes can be loaded via the [Settings Pane](https://docs.cwtch.im/docs/settings/).
The easiest way to get started with custom themes is to make a copy of an existing theme
directory (e.g. [Cwtch Theme](https://git.openprivacy.ca/cwtch.im/cwtch-ui/src/branch/trunk/assets/themes/cwtch) and
edit the yaml file.
### Good news, now you can create your own Cwtch light and dark themes with a simple template!
#### Follow these easy steps to create a brand new theme:
@ -41,7 +34,7 @@ edit the yaml file.
* Replace test.png for a transparent png you want to use as a background, if you dont want a background image, disable theme images on settings>theme images
* Hit save!
* Hit save!!!
#### Testing your new theme:
* Re-load the test theme through the settings pane. Settings> Import theme , select the “test” folder and click on “select folder”