C-bindings for the Go Cwtch Library https://cwtch.im
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module git.openprivacy.ca/cwtch.im/libcwtch-go
go 1.17
require (
cwtch.im/cwtch v0.18.3
git.openprivacy.ca/cwtch.im/server v1.4.5
git.openprivacy.ca/openprivacy/connectivity v1.8.6
git.openprivacy.ca/openprivacy/log v1.0.3
github.com/mutecomm/go-sqlcipher/v4 v4.4.2
require (
filippo.io/edwards25519 v1.0.0 // indirect
git.openprivacy.ca/cwtch.im/tapir v0.5.5 // indirect
git.openprivacy.ca/openprivacy/bine v0.0.4 // indirect
github.com/gtank/merlin v0.1.1 // indirect
github.com/gtank/ristretto255 v0.1.3-0.20210930101514-6bb39798585c // indirect
github.com/mimoo/StrobeGo v0.0.0-20220103164710-9a04d6ca976b // indirect
go.etcd.io/bbolt v1.3.6 // indirect
golang.org/x/crypto v0.0.0-20220826181053-bd7e27e6170d // indirect
// go mobile should stay pinned to golang.org/x/mobile v0.0.0-20210220033013-bdb1ca9a1e08
// until we intentionally upgrade it, requiring upgrading our docker container
// android_go_mobile as well (matching version there), and possibly after upgrading past go 1.17
golang.org/x/mobile v0.0.0-20210220033013-bdb1ca9a1e08 // indirect
golang.org/x/mod v0.6.0-dev.0.20220106191415-9b9b3d81d5e3 // indirect
golang.org/x/net v0.0.0-20220826154423-83b083e8dc8b // indirect
golang.org/x/sys v0.0.0-20220825204002-c680a09ffe64 // indirect
golang.org/x/tools v0.1.10 // indirect
golang.org/x/xerrors v0.0.0-20200804184101-5ec99f83aff1 // indirect