C-bindings for the Go Cwtch Library https://cwtch.im
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package constants
const SchemaVersion = "schemaVersion"
const Name = "name"
const LastRead = "last-read"
const Picture = "picture"
const DefaultProfilePicture = "defaultPicture"
const ShowBlocked = "show-blocked"
const Archived = "archived"
const ProfileTypeV1DefaultPassword = "v1-defaultPassword"
const ProfileTypeV1Password = "v1-userPassword"
// PeerOnline stores state on if the peer believes it is online
const PeerOnline = "peer-online"
// Description is used on server contacts,
const Description = "description"
const StateProfilePane = "state-profile-pane"
const StateSelectedConversation = "state-selected-conversation"
const StateSelectedProfileTime = "state-selected-profile-time"
// Settings
const BlockUnknownPeersSetting = "blockunknownpeers"
const LocaleSetting = "locale"
const ZoomSetting = "zoom"