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# Mount Virtual Disk for More Space
cd /mount
mkdir gopath
mkdir /drone
# Downloading Go
@!check go1.19.3.linux-amd64.tar.gz 1bf389df6d7efa6b54b04332c70356ee0d133753b1e58753e80ebafcff0f559c61223ddad3f5d024f0c538dbbd7d6ac92abb6b022f6a171a91a5ef39b0d82c9b
tar -xzf go1.19.3.linux-amd64.tar.gz
apt update
apt install -y --no-install-recommends netcat git wget libc6-dev make gcc g++ pkg-config g++-mingw-w64-x86-64
ln -s /mount/go /usr/local/go
ln -s /mount/gopath /go
ln -s /mount/libcwtch-go /drone/src/
export GOROOT="/usr/local/go"
export GOPATH="/go"
export GOCACHE="/tmp/gocache"
export PATH="/usr/local/go/bin/:$PATH"
go version
# Building libCwtch.dll
git clone
cd libcwtch-go
git fetch --tags
git checkout tags/v1.10.2 -b v1.10.2
echo `git describe --tags` > VERSION
go mod download
make windows
sha512sum libCwtch.dll
@!check libCwtch.dll 87743954bf7889045f73cdb4368416d4a2f6b41d61d3be420aace8c78e4ff6e6d93af8585d86be541788cf24de40de1dfc93e42772e265d4ca326b415ae793cc
@!extract libCwtch.dll