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# Cwtch Server
## Running
- cd app
- go build
- ./app
The app takes the following arguments
- -debug: enabled debug logging
- -exportTofuBundle: Export the tofubundle to a file called tofubundle
The app takes the following environment variables
- CWTCH_HOME: sets the config dir for the app
`env CONFIG_HOME=./conf ./app`
## Using the Server
When run the app will output standard log lines, one of which will contain the `tofubundle` in purple. This is the part you need to capture and import into a Cwtch client app so you can use the server for hosting groups
## Docker
Build by executing `docker build -f docker/Dockerfile .`
or run our prebuild ones with
`pull openpriv:cwtch-server`
and run it. It stores all Cwtch data in a Volume at `/var/lib/cwtch`