Tapir provides a framework for building Anonymous / metadata resistant Services
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package primitives
import (
// Identity is an encapsulation of Name, PrivateKey and other features
// that make up a Tapir client.
// The purpose of Identity is to prevent other classes directly accessing private key
// and to ensure the integrity of security-critical functions.
type Identity struct {
Name string
edpk *ed25519.PrivateKey
edpubk *ed25519.PublicKey
// Initialize is a courtesy function for initializing a V3 Identity in-code.
func Initialize(name string, pk *ed25519.PrivateKey, pubk *ed25519.PublicKey) Identity {
return Identity{name, pk, pubk}
// InitializeEphemeral generates a new ephemeral identity, the private key of this identity is provided in the response.
func InitializeEphemeral() (Identity, ed25519.PrivateKey) {
epk, esk, _ := ed25519.GenerateKey(rand.Reader)
ephemeralPublicKey := ed25519.PublicKey(epk)
ephemeralPrivateKey := ed25519.PrivateKey(esk)
ephemeralIdentity := Initialize("", &ephemeralPrivateKey, &ephemeralPublicKey)
return ephemeralIdentity, ephemeralPrivateKey
// PublicKeyBytes returns the public key associated with this Identity in serializable-friendly
// format.
func (i *Identity) PublicKeyBytes() []byte {
return *i.edpubk
// PublicKey returns the public key associated with this Identity
func (i *Identity) PublicKey() ed25519.PublicKey {
return *i.edpubk
// EDH performs a diffie helman operation on this identities private key with the given public key.
func (i *Identity) EDH(key ed25519.PublicKey) []byte {
secret := utils.EDH(*i.edpk, key)
return secret[:]
// Hostname provides the onion address associated with this Identity.
func (i *Identity) Hostname() string {
return utils.GetTorV3Hostname(*i.edpubk)