Tapir provides a framework for building Anonymous / metadata resistant Services
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package applications
import (
// TranscriptApp defines a Tapir Meta-App which provides a global cryptographic transcript
type TranscriptApp struct {
transcript *core.Transcript
// NewInstance creates a new TranscriptApp
func (TranscriptApp) NewInstance() tapir.Application {
ta := new(TranscriptApp)
return ta
// Init initializes the cryptographic transcript
func (ta *TranscriptApp) Init(connection tapir.Connection) {
ta.transcript = core.NewTranscript("tapir-transcript")
// Transcript returns a pointer to the cryptographic transcript
func (ta *TranscriptApp) Transcript() *core.Transcript {
return ta.transcript
// PropagateTranscript overrides the default transcript and propagates a transcript from a previous session
func (ta *TranscriptApp) PropagateTranscript(transcript *core.Transcript) {
ta.transcript = transcript