Tapir provides a framework for building Anonymous / metadata resistant Services
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package testing
import (
torProvider "git.openprivacy.ca/openprivacy/connectivity/tor"
func TestTapirMaliciousRemote(t *testing.T) {
numRoutinesStart := runtime.NumGoroutine()
log.Infof("Number of goroutines open at start: %d", runtime.NumGoroutine())
// Connect to Tor
os.MkdirAll("./tor/", 0700)
builder := new(torProvider.TorrcBuilder)
// Connect to Tor
torDataDir := ""
var err error
if torDataDir, err = ioutil.TempDir("./tor/", "data-dir-"); err != nil {
t.Fatalf("could not create data dir")
// Connect to Tor
acn, err := torProvider.NewTorACNWithAuth("./", "", torDataDir, 9051, torProvider.HashedPasswordAuthenticator{Password: "tapir-integration-test"})
if err != nil {
t.Fatalf("could not launch ACN %v", err)
// Generate Server Keys, not we generate two sets
id, _ := primitives.InitializeEphemeralIdentity()
id2, sk2 := primitives.InitializeEphemeralIdentity()
// Init the Server running the Simple App.
service := new(tor.BaseOnionService)
// Initialize an onion service with one identity, but the auth app with another, this should
// trigger a failure in authentication protocol
service.Init(acn, sk2, &id)
// Goroutine Management
sg := new(sync.WaitGroup)
go func() {
// Wait for server to come online
time.Sleep(time.Second * 30)
wg := new(sync.WaitGroup)
// Init a Client to Connect to the Server
log.Infof("initializing the client....")
client, _ := genclient(acn)
go connectclientandfail(client, id2.PublicKey(), wg, t)
// Wait for Server to Sync
time.Sleep(time.Second * 2)
log.Infof("closing ACN...")
time.Sleep(time.Second * 5) // wait for goroutines to finish...
log.Infof("Number of goroutines open at close: %d", runtime.NumGoroutine())
if numRoutinesStart != runtime.NumGoroutine() {
t.Errorf("Potential goroutine leak: Num Start:%v NumEnd: %v", numRoutinesStart, runtime.NumGoroutine())
// Client will Connect and launch it's own Echo App goroutine.
func connectclientandfail(client tapir.Service, key ed25519.PublicKey, group *sync.WaitGroup, t *testing.T) {
client.Connect(torProvider.GetTorV3Hostname(key), new(applications.AuthApp))
// Once connected, it shouldn't take long to authenticate and run the application. So for the purposes of this demo
// we will wait a little while then exit.
time.Sleep(time.Second * 5)
log.Infof("Checking connection status...")
conn, err := client.GetConnection(torProvider.GetTorV3Hostname(key))
if err == nil {
t.Errorf("Connection should have failed! %v %v", conn, err)
log.Infof("Successfully failed to authenticate...")