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  erinn a4ae5dcbed assets folder + emoji drawer 1 week ago
  Dan Ballard a9041c6485 minor translations updates 1 month ago
  Dan Ballard aa81c40e50 tranlations for edit and delete profiles 1 month ago
  Dan Ballard 541f4f7da4 profile edit (name) and delete (non functioning cus cwtch doesnt support) ui 1 month ago
  Dan Ballard bac4accb1b profile manager: screen, unlock, select, back to 3 months ago
  erinn 3a744197b8 translations for InplaceEditText Update button 4 months ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 594b55de1d Toggle Allowing Unknown Peers 5 months ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 0d6dd0e7ed Unblocking 5 months ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 9a4c24626d Expose Blocking in the UI (initial version) 5 months ago
  Dan Ballard eeb167ce38 accept version at build time; display version in settings pane 10 months ago
  Dan Ballard e1d1715023 translate tooltip 10 months ago
  erinn ded921a898 add translation_fr.qm to git 10 months ago
  erinn 8a30cc20a1 add fr to language switcher 10 months ago
  Dan Ballard 34d09eb69d DE translation from cliff 10 months ago
  juju4 d45d7c24ab add french translation 10 months ago
  erinn 196e8fad68 language switcher 10 months ago
  Agent of User 7f3dd9663e i18n: minor pt_BR edit 10 months ago
  Agent of User bfa9bbb039 Compile pt_BR translations 10 months ago
  Agent of User 5eba883bf0 Translate to Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) 10 months ago
  Agent of User ba99fc612c Fix typo: s/zoon/zoom/ 10 months ago
  Dan Ballard e4db07bee8 Add english translations. change translatable strings to ids 10 months ago
  Dan Ballard 901109409b adding i18n support 10 months ago