• Pre-Release cwtch-alpha-0.1.2 7b350d4c54

    Cwtch Alpha Release 0.1.2

    dan released this 3 years ago | 0 commits to master since this release

    contains the following work and more:

    • Many Tor related fixes so that it more easily is autorun by Cwtch out of the box on Linux
    • Inclusion of Tor in Windows builds
    • Visual feedback on sending messages to groups
    • Many small visual clean ups
    • Fixing the edit boxes on Android and Windows to receive group invites
    • Big stability fixes for how we run and use Tor (stop using NEWNYM to trouble shoot old 0.3.4.x connections)
    • Better saving and handling of group/peer names and displaying of them


    We are providing these binaries in order to show off what Cwtch is capable of so far, but please expect bugs and note that we HAVE NOT subjected this code to a security audit or usability testing yet.

    It is also not remotely feature complete. Some features are supported by the underlying Cwtch library (check out https://git.openprivacy.ca/cwtch.im/cwtch) but not yet by the UI, and some are still having their research/design finalized by the Open Privacy team before being implemented. We have lots of cool features in the works and we hope you'll check back later to try them out!

    ANDROID: We are not putting Cwtch up on the Play Store yet. If your phone has developer mode enabled, you can sideload the APK below. If you don't already know how to do this, please wait until we put it on the Store at a future date.

    Please note that the Cwtch server feature can be very bandwidth-intensive right now, so please DO NOT CONNECT TO CWTCH SERVERS OVER CELLULAR DATA PLANS or an internet plan with a low data cap. The direct messaging feature, however, uses negligible bandwidth (unless you decide to send gigabytes of text with it). It also has difficulty maintaining its Tor onion service right now, so you may need to kill and restart the app if you find it unable to receive new incoming connections (outgoing connections should work fine).

    Credits: Profile and Server Icons in this alpha were designed by freepik from Flaticon