Cwtch: Decentralized, Privacy Preserving, Infrastructure

Cwtch (a Welsh word roughly translating to “a hug that creates a safe place”) is a decentralized, privacy-preserving, multi-party messaging protocol that can be used to build metadata resistant applications.

Updated 2 years ago

Updated 1 month ago

C-bindings for the Go Cwtch Library

Updated 3 hours ago

Rust 0 1

Rust bindings for libcwtch-go

Updated 1 week ago

Go 3 2

Tapir provides a framework for building Anonymous / metadata resistant Services

Updated 2 days ago

Go 3 3

Updated 3 weeks ago

QML 7 6

Deprecated QT-based UI for Cwtch: For the new Flutter UI go to:

Updated 7 months ago

Dart 7 10

A Flutter based Cwtch UI

Updated 15 minutes ago

Go 20 15

Official peer implementation.

Updated 3 hours ago