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@ -13,11 +13,22 @@ Also, sometimes a simple `flutter clean` and `flutter build` again with latest f
**Describe the bug**
A clear and concise description of what the bug is. If the issue happens to be on Android, please make sure that it also happens with a different device/simulator and/or version.
**Issue details**
1. Platform (Android/iOS)
2. Platform OS version
3. File type (filter) — when applicable
4. Detailed steps to reproduce
- [] Android
- [] iOS
- [] Web
- [] Desktop (Go)
**Platform OS version**
What version did it happen?
**How are you picking?**
Please, post the snippet here
**Details to reproduce the issue**
Provide all the details to reproduce the issue.
**Error Log**
Please, post the _full_ console log of your issue, if applicable.