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import 'package:file_picker/src/platform_file.dart';
import 'package:flutter/foundation.dart';
class FilePickerResult {
const FilePickerResult(this.files);
/// Picked files.
final List<PlatformFile> files;
/// If this pick contains only a single resource.
bool get isSinglePick => files.length == 1;
/// The length of picked files.
int get count => files.length;
/// A `List<String>` containing all paths from picked files.
/// This may or not be available and will typically reference cached copies of
/// original files (which can be accessed through its URI property).
/// Only available on IO. Throws `UnsupportedError` on Web.
List<String?> get paths => files
.map((file) => kIsWeb
? throw UnsupportedError(
'Picking paths is unsupported on Web. Please, use bytes property instead.')
: file.path)
/// A `List<String>` containing all names from picked files with its extensions.
List<String?> get names => =>;
bool operator ==(Object other) {
if (identical(this, other)) {
return true;
return other is FilePickerResult && listEquals(other.files, files);
int get hashCode => files.hashCode;
String toString() => 'FilePickerResult(files: $files)';