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import 'dart:async';
import 'dart:typed_data';
import 'package:flutter/foundation.dart';
class PlatformFile {
String? path,
required this.size,
}) : _path = path;
factory PlatformFile.fromMap(Map data, {Stream<List<int>>? readStream}) {
return PlatformFile(
name: data['name'],
path: data['path'],
bytes: data['bytes'],
size: data['size'],
readStream: readStream,
/// The absolute path for a cached copy of this file. It can be used to create a
/// file instance with a descriptor for the given path.
/// ```
/// final File myFile = File(platformFile.path);
/// ```
/// On web this is always `null`. You should access `bytes` property instead.
/// Read more about it [here](
String? _path;
String get path {
if (kIsWeb) {
throw '''
On web `path` is always `null`,
You should access `bytes` property instead,
Read more about it [here](
return _path!;
/// File name including its extension.
final String name;
/// Byte data for this file. Particurlarly useful if you want to manipulate its data
/// or easily upload to somewhere else.
/// [Check here in the FAQ]( an example on how to use it to upload on web.
final Uint8List? bytes;
/// File content as stream
final Stream<List<int>>? readStream;
/// The file size in bytes.
final int size;
/// File extension for this file.
String? get extension => name.split('.').last;
bool operator ==(Object other) {
if (identical(this, other)) {
return true;
return other is PlatformFile &&
other.path == path && == name &&
other.bytes == bytes &&
other.readStream == readStream &&
other.size == size;
int get hashCode {
return path.hashCode ^
name.hashCode ^
bytes.hashCode ^
readStream.hashCode ^
String toString() {
return 'PlatformFile(path: $path, name: $name, bytes: $bytes, readStream: $readStream, size: $size)';