A Flutter based Cwtch UI
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import 'package:desktop_notifications/desktop_notifications.dart';
import 'package:path/path.dart' as path;
// NotificationsManager provides a wrapper around platform specific notifications logic.
abstract class NotificationsManager {
Future<void> notify(String message);
// NullNotificationsManager ignores all notification requests
class NullNotificationsManager implements NotificationsManager {
Future<void> notify(String message) async {}
// LinuxNotificationsManager uses the desktop_notifications package to implement
// the standard dbus-powered linux desktop notifications.
class LinuxNotificationsManager implements NotificationsManager {
int previous_id = 0;
late NotificationsClient client;
LinuxNotificationsManager(NotificationsClient client) {
this.client = client;
Future<void> notify(String message) async {
var iconPath = Uri.file(path.join(path.current, "cwtch.png"));
client.notify(message, appName: "cwtch", appIcon: iconPath.toString(), replacesId: this.previous_id).then((Notification value) => previous_id = value.id);
NotificationsManager newDesktopNotificationsManager() {
try {
// Test that we can actually access DBUS. Otherwise return a null
// notifications manager...
NotificationsClient client = NotificationsClient();
return LinuxNotificationsManager(client);
} catch (e) {
print("Attempted to access DBUS for notifications but failed. Switching off notifications.");
return NullNotificationsManager();