A Flutter based Cwtch UI
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import 'dart:collection';
import 'dart:ui';
import 'dart:core';
import 'package:flutter/material.dart';
import 'package:package_info_plus/package_info_plus.dart';
import 'opaque.dart';
const TapirGroupsExperiment = "tapir-groups-experiment";
enum DualpaneMode {
/// Settings govern the *Globally* relevant settings like Locale, Theme and Experiments.
/// We also provide access to the version information here as it is also accessed from the
/// Settings Pane.
class Settings extends ChangeNotifier {
Locale locale;
late PackageInfo packageInfo;
OpaqueThemeType theme;
// explicitly set experiments to false until told otherwise...
bool experimentsEnabled = false;
HashMap<String, bool> experiments = HashMap.identity();
DualpaneMode _uiColumnModePortrait = DualpaneMode.Single;
DualpaneMode _uiColumnModeLandscape = DualpaneMode.CopyPortrait;
bool blockUnknownConnections = false;
/// Set the dark theme.
void setDark() {
theme = OpaqueDark();
/// Set the Light theme.
void setLight() {
theme = OpaqueLight();
/// Get access to the current theme.
OpaqueThemeType current() {
return theme;
/// isExperimentEnabled can be used to safely check whether a particular
/// experiment is enabled
bool isExperimentEnabled(String experiment) {
if (this.experimentsEnabled) {
if (this.experiments.containsKey(experiment)) {
// We now know it cannot be null...
return this.experiments[experiment]! == true;
return false;
/// Called by the event bus. When new settings are loaded from a file the JSON will
/// be sent to the function and new settings will be instantiated based on the contents.
handleUpdate(dynamic settings) {
// Set Theme and notify listeners
if (settings["Theme"] == "light") {
} else {
// Set Locale and notify listeners
// Decide whether to enable Experiments
blockUnknownConnections = settings["BlockUnknownConnections"];
// Decide whether to enable Experiments
experimentsEnabled = settings["ExperimentsEnabled"];
// Set the internal experiments map. Casting from the Map<dynamic, dynamic> that we get from JSON
experiments = new HashMap<String, bool>.from(settings["Experiments"]);
// single pane vs dual pane preferences
_uiColumnModePortrait = uiColumnModeFromString(settings["UIColumnModePortrait"]);
_uiColumnModeLandscape = uiColumnModeFromString(settings["UIColumnModeLandscape"]);
// Push the experimental settings to Consumers of Settings
/// Initialize the Package Version information
initPackageInfo() {
PackageInfo.fromPlatform().then((PackageInfo newPackageInfo) {
packageInfo = newPackageInfo;
/// Switch the Locale of the App
switchLocale(Locale newLocale) {
locale = newLocale;
/// Block Unknown Connections will autoblock connections if they authenticate with public key not in our contacts list.
/// This is one of the best tools we have to combat abuse, while it isn't ideal it does allow a user to curate their contacts
/// list without being bothered by spurious requests (either permanently, or as a short term measure).
/// Note: This is not an *appear offline* setting which would explicitly close the listen port, rather than simply auto disconnecting unknown attempts.
forbidUnknownConnections() {
blockUnknownConnections = true;
/// Allow Unknown Connections will allow new contact requires from unknown public keys
/// See above for more information.
allowUnknownConnections() {
blockUnknownConnections = false;
/// Turn Experiments On, this will also have the side effect of enabling any
/// Experiments that have been previously activated.
enableExperiments() {
experimentsEnabled = true;
/// Turn Experiments Off. This will disable **all** active experiments.
/// Note: This will not set the preference for individual experiments, if experiments are enabled
/// any experiments that were active previously will become active again unless they are explicitly disabled.
disableExperiments() {
experimentsEnabled = false;
/// Turn on a specific experiment.
enableExperiment(String key) {
experiments.update(key, (value) => true, ifAbsent: () => true);
/// Turn off a specific experiment
disableExperiment(String key) {
experiments.update(key, (value) => false, ifAbsent: () => false);
DualpaneMode get uiColumnModePortrait => _uiColumnModePortrait;
set uiColumnModePortrait(DualpaneMode newval) {
this._uiColumnModePortrait = newval;
DualpaneMode get uiColumnModeLandscape => _uiColumnModeLandscape;
set uiColumnModeLandscape(DualpaneMode newval) {
this._uiColumnModeLandscape = newval;
List<int> uiColumns(bool isLandscape) {
var m = (!isLandscape || uiColumnModeLandscape == DualpaneMode.CopyPortrait) ? uiColumnModePortrait : uiColumnModeLandscape;
switch (m) {
case DualpaneMode.Single:
return [1];
case DualpaneMode.Dual1to2:
return [1, 2];
case DualpaneMode.Dual1to4:
return [1, 4];
print("impossible column configuration: portrait/$uiColumnModePortrait landscape/$uiColumnModeLandscape");
return [1];
static List<DualpaneMode> uiColumnModeOptions(bool isLandscape) {
if (isLandscape)
return [
return [DualpaneMode.Single, DualpaneMode.Dual1to2, DualpaneMode.Dual1to4];
static DualpaneMode uiColumnModeFromString(String m) {
switch (m) {
case "DualpaneMode.Single":
return DualpaneMode.Single;
case "DualpaneMode.Dual1to2":
return DualpaneMode.Dual1to2;
case "DualpaneMode.Dual1to4":
return DualpaneMode.Dual1to4;
case "DualpaneMode.CopyPortrait":
return DualpaneMode.CopyPortrait;
print("Error: ui requested translation of column mode [$m] which doesn't exist");
return DualpaneMode.Single;
static String uiColumnModeToString(DualpaneMode m) {
// todo: translate
switch (m) {
case DualpaneMode.Single:
return "Single";
case DualpaneMode.Dual1to2:
return "Double (1:2)";
case DualpaneMode.Dual1to4:
return "Double (1:4)";
case DualpaneMode.CopyPortrait:
return "Same as portrait mode setting";
/// Construct a default settings object.
Settings(this.locale, this.theme);
/// Convert this Settings object to a JSON representation for serialization on the
/// event bus.
dynamic asJson() {
var themeString = theme.identifier();
return {
"Locale": this.locale.languageCode,
"Theme": themeString,
"PreviousPid": -1,
"BlockUnknownConnections": blockUnknownConnections,
"ExperimentsEnabled": this.experimentsEnabled,
"Experiments": experiments,
"StateRootPane": 0,
"FirstTime": false,
"UIColumnModePortrait": uiColumnModePortrait.toString(),
"UIColumnModeLandscape": uiColumnModeLandscape.toString(),