The server component to the Lockbox app.
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This is the PHP/webserver component for Lockbox. For instructions visit the Lockbox app`s main repository.

Docker Install Instructions

Right now, there is a very basic process to building and deploying a Docker image of Lockbox in a container that contains php and an instance of apache webserver. The image has been tested on linux base OS and will need to be run of a host that already has the OS installed. Future development will aim to have a more robust install.

Note: This version of the Docker deployment is using an env.php file instead of environment variables due to some of the nuances with how php handles environment variables.

The .docker directory contains a Dockerfile to build an image for your deployment. Do the following before building the image:

  • Modify config/env.example.php based on any customizations
  • Generate a keypair (you can use the script in the cmd folder (genkeys.php.txt, which needs to be renamed to genkeys.php prior to use, or use a key pair you have already generated) and place the public key in the config folder as key.public