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Dan Ballard b644cf94ef asaur-ificate package and imports 4 years ago
erinn 6258396dc7 check current onion descriptors on old versions of tor to see if they're out-of-sync 4 years ago
erinn 9c1c5ef98a tidying up code paths and making detport selection a little better 4 years ago
erinn b1738ac964 simplify port number generation 4 years ago
erinn 23e043ad93 make local port selection deterministic and detach from the control port to improve performane 4 years ago
Ivan Markin 3cc4ebc379 Add expanded interface for ADD_ONION (NewOnion) to use special configuration 6 years ago
Yawning Angel 7d26c026b2 Added c.Listener() which returns a net.Listener. 7 years ago