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package connectivity
import (
// Error captures various common ricochet errors
type Error string
func (e Error) Error() string { return string(e) }
const (
// CannotResolveLocalTCPAddressError is thrown when a local ricochet connection has the wrong format.
CannotResolveLocalTCPAddressError = Error("CannotResolveLocalTCPAddressError")
// CannotDialLocalTCPAddressError is thrown when a connection to a local ricochet address fails.
CannotDialLocalTCPAddressError = Error("CannotDialLocalTCPAddressError")
// PrivateKey represents a private key using an unspecified algorithm.
type PrivateKey interface{}
// ListenService is an address that was opened with Listen() and can Accept() new connections
type ListenService interface {
// AddressFull is the full network address, ex: rsjeuxzlexy4fvo75vrdtj37nrvlmvbw57n5mhypcjpzv3xkka3l4yyd.onion:9878
AddressFull() string
Accept() (net.Conn, error)
// ACN is Anonymous Communication Network implementation wrapper that supports Open for new connections and Listen to accept connections
type ACN interface {
// GetBootstrapStatus returns an int 0-100 on the percent the bootstrapping of the underlying network is at and an optional string message
// On Network down it returns -1
// On ACN error state it returns -2
GetBootstrapStatus() (int, string)
// WaitTillBootstrapped Blocks until underlying network is bootstrapped
WaitTillBootstrapped() error
// Sets the callback function to be called when ACN status changes
SetStatusCallback(callback func(int, string))
GetStatusCallback() func(int, string)
// Sets the callback function to be called when ACN reboots to emit the version
SetVersionCallback(callback func(string))
GetVersionCallback() func(string)
// Restarts the underlying connection
// Open takes a hostname and returns a net.conn to the derived endpoint
// Open allows a client to resolve various hostnames to connections
Open(hostname string) (net.Conn, string, error)
// Listen takes a private key and a port and returns a ListenService for it
Listen(identity PrivateKey, port int) (ListenService, error)
// Get PID
GetPID() (int, error)
// GetVersion returns a string of what the ACN returns when asked for a version
GetVersion() string
GetInfo(onion string) (map[string]string, error)