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fork of bulb which is not stem (for tor control port interaction in go) DEPRECATED in favor of bine

Updated 2 years ago

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A fork of cretz/bine

Updated 10 months ago

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Buildfiles for Open Privacy

Updated 4 weeks ago

A library providing an ACN (Anonymous Communication Network) abstraction and a tor (for now) implementation.

Updated 3 months ago

Listing of docker images available in the Open Privacy Docker registry

Updated 10 months ago

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Drone plugin for posting to Gogs PRs comments about build results.

Updated 3 years ago

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a probabilistic cryptographic structure for metadata resistant tagging

Updated 1 month ago

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Updated 7 months ago

Updated 8 months ago

A playground simulator for designed to demonstrate the impact of integrating fuzzytags into an application with poor parameter choices (and aid in choosing good parameters).

Updated 7 months ago

Updated 1 year ago

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Host a submission form on an untrusted or shared host by using public-key encryption!

Updated 1 year ago

The server component to the Lockbox app.

Updated 4 weeks ago

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Simple configurable logging tool

Updated 7 days ago

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a prototype system for open, decentralized, metadata resistant communication using fuzzytags and random ejection mixers

Updated 4 months ago