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  Jane d698375545 Add home to uPlexa nav, properly link the uPlexa Mastodon bridge 6 months ago
  Jane 6bb7bce618 Migrate upx.polarisfm.net to /uplexa/ directory (minus the Debian repository). 6 months ago
  Jane e0b907f09a Made the projects page tollerable, added specific CSS styling for it, and prepared it for migration of upx.polarisfm.net to the /uplexa/ directory. 6 months ago
  Jane 30c9579a7c Updated Mastodon 6 months ago
  Jane c96a5350e7 Retooled CSS style sheet to use em instead of px. 6 months ago
  Jane b6ed7980cc Fixed nav error where projects was only displayed on index. 6 months ago
  Jane 5b36cb2dbe Added current distro info, text editor info (and a link!), plus fixed nav error. 6 months ago
  Jane 46f34fed03 Remove <br> so the page isn't so damn ugly. 7 months ago
  Jane 089ccc08e8 Fix a spelling mistake. I really need to proof read... 7 months ago
  Jane 33b2839453 Fix dumb grammar mistake. 7 months ago
  Jane 9def1e77cc Add projects page and information about the Unofficial uPlexa Resource(TM) 7 months ago
  Jane a6f2b7c6b2 Added URIs where applicable, fixed a dupliate line. 7 months ago
  Jane cf04e06bf6 Fix GPG fingerprint & update contact email 7 months ago
  polaris 23143881bf Fix Mastodon address, fix link to full GPG key. 9 months ago
  polaris 3f5012043a Add gpg.asc 9 months ago
  polaris 13914998c4 Delete gpg.txt 9 months ago
  polaris 98ae93e8db Add Ether address 9 months ago
  Jane 'polaris' Doe c844608c86 Delete contents from root directory. 9 months ago
  Jane 'polaris' Doe 3fb1a158f8 Moved all public contents of the website to www directory. 9 months ago
  Jane 'polaris' Doe fa4ded2a9e Added contents of polarisfm.net as of September 16th, 2019, 21:10 CST. 9 months ago
  polarisfm 8dfc58f965 Initial commit 9 months ago