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label char_space:
label char_!:
label char_":
label char_#:
label char_$:
label char_%:
label char_&:
label char_':
label char_(:
label char_):
label char_*:
label char_+:
label char_,:
label char_-:
label char_.:
label char_/:
label char_0:
label char_1:
label char_2:
label char_3:
label char_4:
label char_5:
label char_6:
label char_7:
label char_8:
label char_9:
label char_::
label char_;:
label char_<:
label char_=:
label char_>:
label char_?:
label char_@:
label char_A:
label char_B:
label char_C:
label char_D:
label char_E:
label char_F:
label char_G:
label char_H:
label char_I:
label char_J:
label char_K:
label char_L:
label char_M:
label char_N:
label char_O:
label char_P:
label char_Q:
label char_R:
label char_S:
label char_T:
label char_U:
label char_V:
label char_W:
label char_X:
label char_Y:
label char_Z:
label char_[:
label char_\:
label char_]:
label char_^:
label char__:
label char_`:
label char_a:
label char_b:
label char_c:
label char_d:
label char_e:
label char_f:
label char_g:
label char_h:
label char_i:
label char_j:
label char_k:
label char_l:
label char_m:
label char_n:
label char_o:
label char_p:
label char_q:
label char_r:
label char_s:
label char_t:
label char_u:
label char_v:
label char_w:
label char_x:
label char_y:
label char_z:
label char_{:
label char_|:
label char_}:
label char_~:
label char_delete:
data ascii HEX_TABLE 0123456789ABCDEF
data ascii KEYCODES 0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ!@#$%^&*()-=+_{}[];':"<>,.?/`~|\