Remove "known issues" that are now mostly fixed

Sarah Jamie Lewis 2 years ago
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@ -44,19 +44,6 @@ Found at the top of `` a few parameters control the types and effectivene
const MUTATION_RATE_SOFT_RESET: f64 = 0.000;
## Known Issues
The only game that really works as expected is Super Mario Bros. with the `happylee-supermariobros,warped.fm2` input.
This is probably because of issues in the underlying emulator / differences in the expected behaviour of the system the
tas inputs are produced for v.s. the emulator.
Other games like Legend of Zelda, Megaman, Super Mario Bros. 3, Final Fantasy II etc. will run, but
tas inputs from them quickly become out of sync with the actual gameplay. Further research is needed to as to why
that is. Help appreciated.
Finally, there is an issue with the cpu clock / soft resest which causes a one frame difference in behaviour between
emulated runs and fuzzed runs. This means a tiny modification needs to be made to runs exported from nesfuzz before
they can be run in an emulator. This might also be related to the issue described above.
## Future Extensions