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Aditya Kulkarni efb3ce0897 v0.9.12 2 days ago
assets/img Loading screen logo 3 months ago
components v0.9.12 2 days ago
constants Companion App Impl (#242) 2 months ago
containers Electron (#220) 3 months ago
utils Check if amount is too small (Fixes #52) 3 weeks ago
Routes.js Export Tranasctions 2 weeks ago Load font from node_modules 3 months ago
app.html Fix tx screen height and alignment 3 months ago
app.icns Electron (#220) 3 months ago
companion.js v0.9.12 2 days ago
index.js Electron (#220) 3 months ago Remove unnecessary deps 2 months ago Electron (#220) 3 months ago
menu.js Export Tranasctions 2 weeks ago
package-lock.json Electron (#220) 3 months ago
package.json v0.9.12 2 days ago
rpc.js Explicitly read tx fee 3 weeks ago
yarn.lock Electron (#220) 3 months ago