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#![doc = include_str!( "../" )]
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mod cwtchlib_go;
mod bindings_go;
/// Basic structs using data from Cwtch and for deserializing JSON and serializing to JSON to communicate with Cwtch
pub mod structs;
/// Interface to a Cwtch app with API matching libcwtch
pub trait CwtchLib {
/// Start a cwtch application using app_dir to store all user profile data and looking to tor_path to find tor to run
fn start_cwtch(&self, app_dir: &str, tor_path: &str) -> i32;
/// Send json of a structs::CwtchEvent to the cwtch app bus
fn send_app_event(&self, event_json: &str);
/// Pull json of a structs::CwtchEvent off the appbus for responding to
fn get_appbus_event(&self, ) -> String;
/// Create a new profile encrypted with pass
fn create_profile(&self, nick: &str, pass: &str);
/// Load any profiles encrypted by pass
fn load_profiles(&self, pass: &str);
/// Cause profile to accept contact
fn accept_contact(&self, profile: &str, contact: &str);
/// Cause profile to reject contact
fn reject_invite(&self, profile: &str, contact: &str);
/// Cause profile to block contact
fn block_contact(&self, profile: &str, contact: &str);
/// Cause profile to update contact's message to have it's flags updated
fn update_message_flags(&self, profile: &str, contact: &str, message_id: i32, message_flags: u64);
/// Get a specific message for contact of profile by index
fn get_message(&self, profile: &str, contact: &str, message_index: i32) -> String;
/// Get a specific message for contact of profile by hash
fn get_message_by_content_hash(&self, profile: &str, contact: &str, hash: &str) -> String;
/// Send json of a structs::Message from profile to contact
fn send_message(&self, profile: &str, contact: &str, msg: &str);
/// Send profile's contact an invite for/to target
fn send_invitation(&self, profile: &str, contact: &str, target: &str);
/// Ask the ACN inside the Cwtch app to restart the tor connection
fn reset_tor(&self, );
/// Cause profile to create a group on server with name
fn create_group(&self, profile: &str, server: &str, name: &str);
/// Delete profile with encryption/password check of pass
fn delete_profile(&self, profile: &str, pass: &str);
/// Cause profile to archive conversation with contact
fn archive_conversation(&self, profile: &str, contact: &str);
/// Cause profile to delete contact/group identified by handle
fn delete_contact(&self, profile: &str, handle: &str);
/// Cuase profile to attempt to import a contact/group/keybundle identified by bundle
fn import_bundle(&self, profile: &str, bundle: &str);
/// Set a profile attribute key to val
fn set_profile_attribute(&self, profile: &str, key: &str, val: &str);
/// Set a profile's contact's attribute of key to val
fn set_contact_attribute(&self, profile: &str, contact: &str, key: &str, val: &str);
/// Set a profile's group's attribute of key to val
fn set_group_attribute(&self, profile: &str, group: &str, key: &str, val: &str);
/// Shutdown the cwtch app and associated ACN
fn shutdown_cwtch(&self, );
/// Create a new CwtchLib that is backed by bindings to libcwtch-go
pub fn new_cwtchlib_go() -> impl CwtchLib {
bindings_go::CwtchLibGo {}