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#include "my_application.h"
// Added to check for location of assets folder
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>
// To get the home dir of the user
#include <unistd.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <pwd.h>
#include <flutter_linux/flutter_linux.h>
#include <gdk/gdkx.h>
#include "flutter/generated_plugin_registrant.h"
struct _MyApplication {
GtkApplication parent_instance;
char** dart_entrypoint_arguments;
FlMethodChannel* channel;
// Redefining from flutter/engine::shell/platform/linux/
// struct def required here to enable compiler to allow access to variables
struct _FlDartProject {
GObject parent_instance;
gboolean enable_mirrors;
gchar* aot_library_path;
gchar* assets_path;
gchar* icu_data_path;
gchar** dart_entrypoint_args;
G_DEFINE_TYPE(MyApplication, my_application, GTK_TYPE_APPLICATION)
#include <dlfcn.h>
on_shutdown(GtkWidget *widget, GdkEvent *event, gpointer data)
fl_method_channel_invoke_method(channel, "onWindowClose",
nullptr, nullptr, nullptr, nullptr);
return TRUE;
// Implements GApplication::activate.
static void my_application_activate(GApplication* application) {
MyApplication* self = MY_APPLICATION(application);
GtkWindow* window =
// Use a header bar when running in GNOME as this is the common style used
// by applications and is the setup most users will be using (e.g. Ubuntu
// desktop).
// If running on X and not using GNOME then just use a traditional title bar
// in case the window manager does more exotic layout, e.g. tiling.
// If running on Wayland assume the header bar will work (may need changing
// if future cases occur).
gboolean use_header_bar = TRUE;
GdkScreen *screen = gtk_window_get_screen(window);
if (GDK_IS_X11_SCREEN(screen)) {
const gchar* wm_name = gdk_x11_screen_get_window_manager_name(screen);
if (g_strcmp0(wm_name, "GNOME Shell") != 0) {
use_header_bar = FALSE;
if (use_header_bar) {
GtkHeaderBar *header_bar = GTK_HEADER_BAR(gtk_header_bar_new());
gtk_header_bar_set_title(header_bar, "cwtch");
gtk_header_bar_set_show_close_button(header_bar, TRUE);
gtk_window_set_titlebar(window, GTK_WIDGET(header_bar));
else {
gtk_window_set_title(window, "cwtch");
gtk_window_set_default_size(window, 1280, 720);
"destroy", G_CALLBACK(on_shutdown), NULL);
g_autoptr(FlDartProject) project = fl_dart_project_new();
// Check if assets folder is relative to the executable or if we can use a system copy
struct stat info;
// if we're not in freshly compiled structure
if (stat(fl_dart_project_get_assets_path(project), &info ) != 0 ) {
if( stat("lib/cwtch", &info) == 0) {
// use local dir structure
project->assets_path = g_build_filename("data", "flutter_assets", nullptr);
project->aot_library_path = g_build_filename("lib", "", nullptr);
project->icu_data_path = g_build_filename("data", "icudtl.dat", nullptr);
gtk_window_set_icon_from_file(window, "./cwtch.png", NULL);
} else if( stat("/usr/share/cwtch/data/flutter_assets", &info ) != 0 ) {
// if we're non in sys installed structure, use home dir structure
struct passwd *pw = getpwuid(getuid());
const char *homedir = pw->pw_dir;
// /home/$USER/.local/share/cwtch/data/flutter_assets
project->assets_path = g_build_filename(homedir, ".local", "share", "cwtch", "data", "flutter_assets", nullptr);
// /home/$USER/.local/lib/cwtch/
project->aot_library_path = g_build_filename(homedir, ".local", "lib", "cwtch", "", nullptr);
// /home/$USER/.local/share/cwtch/data
project->icu_data_path = g_build_filename(homedir, ".local", "share", "cwtch", "data", "icudtl.dat", nullptr);
gtk_window_set_icon_from_file(window, g_build_filename(homedir, ".local", "share", "icons", "cwtch.png", nullptr), NULL);
} else {
// else assume we are in sys installed structure
// /usr/share/cwtch/data/flutter_assets
project->assets_path = g_build_filename("/", "usr", "share", "cwtch", "data", "flutter_assets", nullptr);
// /usr/lib/cwtch
project->aot_library_path = g_build_filename("/", "usr", "lib", "cwtch", "", nullptr);
// /usr/share/cwtch/data
project->icu_data_path = g_build_filename("/", "usr", "share", "cwtch", "data", "icudtl.dat", nullptr);
gtk_window_set_icon_from_file(window, "/usr/share/icons/cwtch.png", NULL);
printf(" using aot_library_path or '%s'\n", project->aot_library_path);
fl_dart_project_set_dart_entrypoint_arguments(project, self->dart_entrypoint_arguments);
FlView* view = fl_view_new(project);
gtk_container_add(GTK_CONTAINER(window), GTK_WIDGET(view));
// Create a specific channel for shutting down cwtch when the close button is triggered
// We have registered the "destroy" handle above for this reason
FlEngine *engine = fl_view_get_engine(view);
g_autoptr(FlStandardMethodCodec) codec = fl_standard_method_codec_new();
g_autoptr(FlBinaryMessenger) messenger = fl_engine_get_binary_messenger(engine);
channel = fl_method_channel_new(messenger, "im.cwtch.linux.shutdown", FL_METHOD_CODEC(codec));
// Implements GApplication::local_command_line.
static gboolean my_application_local_command_line(GApplication* application, gchar ***arguments, int *exit_status) {
MyApplication* self = MY_APPLICATION(application);
// Strip out the first argument as it is the binary name.
self->dart_entrypoint_arguments = g_strdupv(*arguments + 1);
g_autoptr(GError) error = nullptr;
if (!g_application_register(application, nullptr, &error)) {
g_warning("Failed to register: %s", error->message);
*exit_status = 1;
return TRUE;
*exit_status = 0;
return TRUE;
// Implements GObject::dispose.
static void my_application_dispose(GObject *object) {
MyApplication* self = MY_APPLICATION(object);
g_clear_pointer(&self->dart_entrypoint_arguments, g_strfreev);
static void my_application_class_init(MyApplicationClass* klass) {
G_APPLICATION_CLASS(klass)->activate = my_application_activate;
G_APPLICATION_CLASS(klass)->local_command_line = my_application_local_command_line;
G_OBJECT_CLASS(klass)->dispose = my_application_dispose;
static void my_application_init(MyApplication* self) {}
MyApplication* my_application_new() {
return MY_APPLICATION(g_object_new(my_application_get_type(),
"application-id", APPLICATION_ID,