Add chatReactionColor to Juniper Theme
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Sarah Jamie Lewis 2024-01-04 12:15:50 -08:00
parent abd7fe7415
commit e360a71d59
1 changed files with 13 additions and 12 deletions

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@ -12,19 +12,19 @@ themes:
font: 0xFFFFFF
settings: 0xFFFDFF
accent: 0x9E6A56
accentAlt: 0x845A48
accentAlt: 0x9E6A56
backgroundMainColor: background # darkGreyPurple
backgroundPaneColor: header # darkGreyPurple
topbarColor: header # darkGreyPurple
mainTextColor: font # whiteishPurple
defaultButtonColor: accent # hotPink
textfieldHintColor: mainTextColor # TODO pick
toolbarIconColor: settings # whiteishPurple
messageFromMeBackgroundColor: userBubble # mauvePurple
messageFromMeTextColor: font # whiteishPurple
messageFromOtherBackgroundColor: peerBubble # deepPurple
messageFromOtherTextColor: font # whiteishPurple
backgroundMainColor: background
backgroundPaneColor: header
topbarColor: header
mainTextColor: font
defaultButtonColor: accent
textfieldHintColor: mainTextColor
toolbarIconColor: settings
messageFromMeBackgroundColor: userBubble
messageFromMeTextColor: font
messageFromOtherBackgroundColor: peerBubble
messageFromOtherTextColor: font
textfieldBackgroundColor: peerBubble
textfieldBorderColor: userBubble
backgroundHilightElementColor: accent
@ -45,3 +45,4 @@ themes:
portraitProfileBadgeColor: accent
portraitProfileBadgeTextColor: mainTextColor
dropShadowColor: accentAlt
chatReactionIconColor: accentAlt