A Flutter based Cwtch UI https://cwtch.im
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Sarah Jamie Lewis fb4c438e1c Dutch Integration 2 weeks ago
controllers make links in replies clickable 4 months ago
cwtch bump tor versions, move linux to harvested tor 2 weeks ago
l10n Dutch Integration 2 weeks ago
models Dutch Integration 2 weeks ago
themes Expose antispam status in UI 2 weeks ago
third_party/linkify Themeing Updates including Nicer Code Formatting 6 months ago
views Dutch Integration 2 weeks ago
widgets Expose antispam status in UI 2 weeks ago
config.dart add gherkin tests (#353) 8 months ago
constants.dart Rename Constant 8 months ago
cwtch_icons_icons.dart add bunny streamer icon to settings 1 year ago
errorHandler.dart importBundle returns result 1 month ago
licenses.dart Add Hook into Add Contact Flow to better Gauge Intent 6 months ago
main.dart Initial Commit of Fastlane + Debug Accessibiltiy Views 1 month ago
main_test.dart update with new PRs rebase, update goldens for slight variance 9 months ago
notification_manager.dart Remove Awful Flutter 3 Screen Transitions 3 months ago
settings.dart qrcode experiment; dont sent when doing antispam on enter 2 weeks ago
torstatus.dart group functionality fixes from storage engine; tor status include percent; crate group enhancement 9 months ago