6 Quickstart: Contributing Localizations
Sarah Jamie Lewis edited this page 2023-03-07 19:05:58 +00:00

Right now we have 2 main ways you can contribute translations:

Option 1

We can add you to our team on Lokalise and you can use the web interface there (we then download the files and merge them into the repo) - to do this option we will just need you to provide us with an email we can use to invite you to our Lokalise team.

Please send an email to team@cwtch.im containing the email you would like to use, and the language(s) you are interested in contributing to.

Option 2

For new translations, you can make a copy of https://git.openprivacy.ca/cwtch.im/cwtch-ui/src/branch/trunk/lib/l10n/intl_en.arb and begin translating - you can then either submit pull requests or directly send updates to us (team@cwtch.im) and we will merge them in.

For adding to existing translations you can make pull requests directly on any file in https://git.openprivacy.ca/cwtch.im/cwtch-ui/src/branch/trunk/lib/l10n/ and we will review and merge them in.


All localization contributions are eligible for stickers. If you are contributing to language, or have contributed significantly in the past then please email erinn@openprivacy.ca with details and an address for us to mail stickers to.