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  Sofía Celi 7e3b5420d9
Fix renaming of signature of function 1 week ago
  Sofía Celi eff9594196
Fix signature of function 3 weeks ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 8f85f49404 Initial pass at race condition fixes 1 month ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis fadbe4873e More network check events 1 month ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 6c07e097df Sent Network Success Message if we receive events 1 month ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 99ea31ce82 Adding Network Status Plugin + Fixing plugin goroutine leaks 1 month ago
  Dan Ballard 77d26d3877 profile and peer messaging refactor. Profiles once again store timelines for peers, should be used as canonical timeline by frontend UI 1 month ago
  Dan Ballard df420034ea make contact retry plugin acn connection state aware; make contact retry plugin do groups; remove connectionManager bad retry logic; allow querringing of ACN status 2 months ago
  Dan Ballard 15582c7e79 Rework group invite workflow: delete cwtchPacket references as no longer needed. Remove more events from being default handled by Peer (but allow them for some usecases still (testing, simple apps). 2 months ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 6efde0289d Separate Initial Peer Requests and Retry Events 3 months ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 38542751c8 Allowing Blocking of Unknown Contacts 3 months ago
  Dan Ballard bd75e44555 make event.Queue use internal infinite channels; make event.Manager not use failable writes 3 months ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 01ec46a97c Upgrading to Tapir Identity 4 months ago
  Dan Ballard f2e69f48d1 Add plugin system for apps; add contact retry plugin 4 months ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 4c16ec379f First cut of automatic acknowledgements and protocol contexts 4 months ago
  Dan Ballard 8c16210407 Add windows stub for pipeBridge to fix windows build; fix goland error arround ConnectionState[Type] 4 months ago
  Dan Ballard 0465973a78 add app level functionality to reload from service 4 months ago
  Dan Ballard 2246c6b3bc Build out pipeBridge to have a connection manager and base64 encode binary data; add support for tor acn status callback/events 5 months ago
  Dan Ballard 9f52e5de7b fixes to pipe bridge: it base64 encodes data of messages before sending them over to preserve binary data; fixed a lack of wiring for ipcBridge in service 5 months ago
  Dan Ballard 67678e14e4 fixes to pipe bridge: it base64 encodes data of messages before sendign them over to preserve binary data; fixed a lack of wiring for ipcBridge in service 5 months ago
  Dan Ballard e1d6dd7253 adding named pipe IPC pipe for use with app client/service; some adjustments to app client/service based on usage by UI; bug fixes: groupInvite json over ipc pipe using json was bugged, 'fixed' with base64 encoding; fixed race condition with peer server connection creation 5 months ago
  Dan Ballard 04dd8fa89c App Client/Service: new IPCBridge type and test gochan impl; new IPC using eventManager; new App Client and Service; some app api changes and a few more events (NewPeer) and errors (Loading errors) 6 months ago
  Dan Ballard 0c4bbe9ad1 Refactor: engine and peer decoupled, engine and eventbus now per peer 6 months ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 5399a31a6f Fixing Profile Creation Bug 10 months ago
  erinn ac077521be save new groups and group timelines 10 months ago
  Dan Ballard a0dab022ad stream storage for timelines, wired into profile store 10 months ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 2239463512 ineffassign and misspell 10 months ago
  erinn ad7cddaacf add storage eventbus calls 10 months ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis ebe8db6c31 Blocking now kills listening connections too 10 months ago
  Dan Ballard 84e31f02fe new profile storeage on eventbus 10 months ago
  Dan Ballard ffc4254f18 file storage refactor to make file and profile stores 11 months ago
  erinn f28cf6b781 removing old timeline notification code and dropping support for updating existing groups 10 months ago
  erinn 4f39aec94b expose app eventbus and message ack IDs 10 months ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis c3d797b2e1 Protocol Engine Refactor 11 months ago
  Dan Ballard 3367f1a083 updating to new libricochet-go log api 1 year ago
  Dan Ballard d32bc34eb3 server monitor bot 1 year ago
  Dan Ballard 3cfbb88a58 drop startPeer 1 year ago
  erinn 30d37da4e9 app/app.go 1 year ago
  Dan Ballard 8a0d9c54fd local var rename 1 year ago
  erinn ddbf96e668 little fixes 1 year ago
  erinn 3b932bedc0 little fixes 1 year ago
  Dan Ballard ff54059111 update name 1 year ago
  Dan Ballard 85a2c44891 Following libricochetgo's migration to bine and a generic Mixnet 1 year ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis f4c45e863e Storage Refactor 1 year ago
  erinn 2df386f6f6 in which erinn learns to hate the linter 1 year ago
  erinn 66459b3d37 adding some convenience functions 1 year ago
  Dan Ballard 4544535ad5 expose tor control port bootstrap info 1 year ago
  Dan Ballard e2b5e5db91 cli /list-serers print server status string 1 year ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 1e04b1161e Adding V3 Onions to Cwtch! 1 year ago
  Sarah Jamie Lewis 8ab4752b44 Adding Cwtch Peer Data Channel 1 year ago