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Sarah Jamie Lewis 208beac0e6 Install SSH/JQ in gogs
Allow us to replace kroniak/ssh-client doe deploy/git status

Signed-off-by: Sarah Jamie Lewis <sarah@openprivacy.ca>
2024-02-23 21:47:23 +00:00
Dockerfile Install SSH/JQ in gogs 2024-02-23 21:47:23 +00:00
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Drone plugin for posting to Gitea or Gogs PRs comments about build results.

Create a user on Gitea or Gogs for posting build notifications (like 'buildbot') and generate a token for it. Insert the token as a drone secret. (Replace $VALUE with the actual token)

drone secret add dan/gogs-notify-test --name gogs_account_token --value $VALUE --event pull_request

Use in .drone.yml:

  image: openpriv/drone-gogs
    event: pull_request
  secrets: [gogs_account_token]
  gogs_url: https://git.yourdomain.com

Dockerfiles @ git.openprivacy.ca/openprivacy/drone-gogs