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[3.0.0-rc.17] - 25/07/2022

  • Fix #257 - fixed issue when generating a step with a '$' sign in
  • Fix #256 - Ensure all exceptions generated when running a step are logged
  • Fix #253 - Ensure features with descriptions that span more than one line are parsed correctly
  • Fix #252 - Ensure all async code is awaited
  • When taking a screenshot on the web use the render element rather than relying on native code that does not work

[3.0.0-rc.16] - 01/07/2022

  • Fix #231 - using local coordinate system when taking a screenshot on Android (thanks to @youssef-t for the solution)
  • Fix #216 - ensure step exceptions and expect failure results are added as errors to the json report
  • Scenarios can now have descriptions which also appear in the json reporter output

NOTE: Due to the above changes generated files will need to be re-generated

flutter pub run build_runner clean
flutter pub run build_runner build --delete-conflicting-outputs

[3.0.0-rc.15] - 28/06/2022

  • Exposed frameBindingPolicy on the test runner when running tests which can affect how frames are painted and the speed of the test run, I've removed the default value which might be responsible for #231

[3.0.0-rc.14] - 28/06/2022

  • Fix #237 - Ensure everything works on the web

[3.0.0-rc.13] - 27/06/2022

  • Fix #235 - fix issue taking a screenshot on an Android device
  • Resolved #170: Added example code to ensure json report is save to disk even when the test run fails. Also added script to generate a HTML report from a JSON report

[3.0.0-rc.12] - 24/06/2022

  • Fix #222 - escape single quotation marks in data tables

[3.0.0-rc.11] - 24/06/2022

  • Fix #231 - Removed the use of explicitly calling pumpAndSettle in the pre-defined steps in favour of the implicit pumpAndSettle calls used in the WidgetTesterAppDriverAdapter.
  • Added ability to add a appLifecyclePumpHandler to override the default handler that determines how the app is pumped during lifecycle events. Useful if your app has a long splash screen etc. Parameter is on executeTestSuite.
  • Added ability to ensure feature paths are relative when generating reports useAbsolutePaths on the GherkinTestSuite attribute
  • BREAKING CHANGE: The parameters on executeTestSuite are now keyed to allow for the above changes

[3.0.0-rc.10] - 23/06/2022

  • Fix #195: Adding missing export for wait_until_key_exists_step.dart
  • Fix #226: Allow compatibility with dev and master flutter branches
  • Feat #218: Allow retry steps in case of intermittent failure by setting the configuration properties stepMaxRetries & retryDelay
  • Fix #210 & #191: Ability to take screenshots on web
  • Fix #198: Allow the use of implicit pumpAndSettle methods in the app driver to be turned off using the configuration property waitImplicitlyAfterAction. Off by default

Note: this release will soon be promoted the main version

[3.0.0-rc.9] - 18/11/2021

  • Fix: #172: Fix for the StdoutReporter when running against the web

[3.0.0-rc.8] - 18/11/2021

  • Fix: #165: Fix when generating empty feature files - many thanks to @AFASbart for the PR.

[3.0.0-rc.7] - 10/11/2021

  • Fix: #165: Empty .feature files causing void functions which get compiled out at runtime and cause errors
  • Fix: #162: Incorrect feature name in HTML reports - many thanks to @AFASbart for suggesting the cause and fix.
  • Fix: #159: Swipe step is not working due to bad '??' statement
  • Fix: #155: Ensure stdout reporter only add ascii colour code when the target supports it

[3.0.0-rc.6] - 27/10/2021

  • BREAKING CHANGE: Made appMainFunction return a Future<void> so it can be async
  • Fix: #159: Swipe step not working
  • Ensure Hook.onBeforeRun is called before the run starts
  • Set Frame policy- defaults to LiveTestWidgetsFlutterBindingFramePolicy.benchmarkLive to slightly improve performance

[3.0.0-rc.5] - 22/06/2021

  • Ensure scenario support files (world etc) as always disposed ensure when test throws error

[3.0.0-rc.4] - 21/06/2021

  • Removed debug code

[3.0.0-rc.3] - 21/06/2021

  • POSSIBLE BREAKING CHANGE: Removed tap call before enterText is invoked in WidgetTesterAppDriverAdapter this was due to the fact that it opens the on-screen keyboard which is not closed after the text is entered so it could be blocking further controls from view.
  • Fix: #150: Better handling of JSON strings in multiline string segments in feature files
  • Fix: #141 & #128: Added example of how to generate html report from json report output and fixed all scenarios ending up in the last feature section of the json report

[3.0.0-rc.2] - 21/06/2021

  • Fixed late initialization error when invoking hooks
  • Updated float parameter parser so an exception is not thrown during parsing

[3.0.0-rc.1] - 25/05/2021

HUGE update so that the library now works and favours the flutter integration_test package over flutter_driver. Unfortunately, this will be breaking change to existing users but it has many benefits such as a huge speed and stability improvements.


  • Table has been renamed to GherkinTable to avoid naming clashes

In order to progress this library and add support for the new integration_test package various things have had to be changed to enable this will still supporting Flutter Driver. The big of which is removing Flutter Driver instance from the FlutterWorld instance in favour of an adapter approach whereby driving of the app (whether that is via flutter_driver or WidgetTester) becomes agnostic see https://github.com/jonsamwell/flutter_gherkin/blob/f1fb2d4a632362629f5d1a196a0c055f858ad1d7/lib/src/flutter/adapters/app_driver_adapter.dart.

  • FlutterDriverUtils has been removed, use world.appDriver instead. You can still access the raw driver if needed via world.appDriver.nativeDriver
  • If you are using a custom world object and still want to use Flutter Driver it will need to extend FlutterDriverWorld instead of FlutterWorld this will give you type safety on the world.appDriver.nativeDriver property

The change to use the integration_test package is a fundamentally different approach. Where using the flutter_driver implementation your app is launch in a different process and then controlled by remote RPC calls from flutter driver in a different process. Using the new integration_test package your tests surround your app and become the app themselves. This removes the need for RPC communication from an external process into the app as well as giving you access to the internal state of your app. This is an altogether better approach, one that is quicker, more maintainable, scalable to device testing labs. However, it brings with it, its own set of challenges when trying to make this library work with it. Traditionally this library has evaluated the Gherkin feature files at run time, then used that evaluation to invoke actions against the app under test. However, as the tests need to surround the app in the integration_test view of the world the Gherkin tests need to be generated at development time so they can be complied in to a test app. Much like json_serializable creates classes that are able to work with json data.

Steps to get going

  1. Add the following dev_dependencies to your app's pubspec.yaml file
  • integration_test
  • build_runner
  • flutter_gherkin
  1. Add the following build.yaml to the root of your project. This file allows the dart code generator to target files outside of your application's lib folder
      - lib/**
      - pubspec.*
      - $package$
      # Allows the code generator to target files outside of the lib folder
      - integration_test/**.dart
  1. Add the following file (and folder) \test_driver\integration_test_driver.dart. This file is the entry point to run your tests. See https://flutter.dev/docs/testing/integration-tests for more information.
import 'package:integration_test/integration_test_driver.dart' as integration_test_driver;

Future<void> main() {
  // The Gherkin report data send back to this runner by the app after
  // the tests have run will be saved to this directory
  integration_test_driver.testOutputsDirectory = 'integration_test/gherkin/reports';

  return integration_test_driver.integrationDriver(
    timeout: Duration(minutes: 90),
  1. Create a folder call integration_test this will eventually contain all your Gherkin feature files and the generated test files.
  2. Add the following file (and folder) integration_test\features\counter.feature with the following below contents. This is a basic feature file that will be transform in to a test file that can run a test against the sample app.
Feature: Counter

Scenario: User can increment the counter
  Given I expect the "counter" to be "0"
  When I tap the "increment" button
  Then I expect the "counter" to be "1"
  1. Add the following file (and folder) integration_test\gherkin_suite_test.dart. Notice the attribute @GherkinTestSuite() this indicates to the code generator to create a partial file for this file with the generated Gherkin tests in part 'gherkin_suite_test.g.dart';. Don't worry about the initial errors as this will disappear when the tests are generated.
import 'package:flutter_gherkin/flutter_gherkin.dart'; // notice new import name
import 'package:flutter_test/flutter_test.dart';
import 'package:gherkin/gherkin.dart';

// The application under test.
import 'package:example_with_integration_test/main.dart' as app;

part 'gherkin_suite_test.g.dart';

void main() {
      ..reporters = [
          writeReport: (_, __) => Future<void>.value(),
    (World world) => app.main(),
  1. We now need to generate the test by running the builder command from the command line in the root of your project. Much like json_serializable this will create a .g.dart part file that will contain the Gherkin tests in code format which are able to via using the integration_test package.
flutter pub run build_runner build
  1. The errors in the integration_test\gherkin_suite_test.dart file should have not gone away and it you look in integration_test\gherkin_suite_test.g.dart you will see the coded version of the Gherkin tests described in the feature file integration_test\features\counter.feature.
  2. We can now run the test using the below command from the root of your project.
flutter drive --driver=test_driver/integration_test_driver.dart --target=integration_test/gherkin_suite_test.dart
  1. You can debug the tests by adding a breakpoint to line 12 in integration_test\gherkin_suite_test.dart and adding the below to your .vscode\launch.json file:
  "name": "Debug integration_test",
  "program": "test_driver/integration_test_driver.dart",
  "cwd": "example_with_integration_test/",
  "request": "launch",
  "type": "dart",
  "args": [
  1. Custom world need to extend FlutterWorld note FlutterDriverWorld.
  2. If you change any of the feature files you will need to re-generate the tests using the below command
# you might need to run the clean command first if you have just changed feature files
flutter pub run build_runner clean

flutter pub run build_runner build

[2.0.0] - 25/05/2021

  • null-safety migration, thanks to @tshedor

[1.2.0] - 02/05/2021

  • Upgraded to the null-safety version of dart_gherkin, as such there are some breaking changes to be aware of (see https://github.com/jonsamwell/dart_gherkin/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md for the full list):

    • BREAKING CHANGE: Table has been renamed to GherkinTable to avoid naming clashes
    • BREAKING CHANGE: exitAfterTestRun configuration option has been removed as it depends on importing dart:io which is not available under certain environments (dartjs for example).
    • BREAKING CHANGE: Reporter->onException() exception parameter is now an object rather than an exception
    • POSSIBLE BREAKING CHANGE: Feature file discovery has been refactored to abstract it from the external Glob dependency. It now support the three native dart Patterns (String, RegExp & Glob). There is potential here for your patterns to not work anymore due as the default IoFeatureFileAccessor assumes the current directory is the working directory to search from. For the most part this simple regex is probably enough to get you going.
  • Allow dart-define to be passed to the Flutter build (thanks @Pholey)

[1.1.9] - 24/11/2020

  • Fixes #93 & #92 - Error waiting for no transient callbacks from Flutter driver
  • Added option to leave Flutter app under test running when the tests finish see keepAppRunningAfterTests configuration property
  • Added the ability to have multiple example blocks with tags per scenario outline

[1.1.8+9] - 20/09/2020

  • Fixes #84 - pre-defined present within N seconds is limited by system timeout (thanks @doubleo2)
  • Added build mode to enable profile build and performance profiling (thanks @lsuhov)
  • Updated to latest dart_gherkin library which fixes access to the default step timeout see #81

[1.1.8+8] - 11/08/2020

  • Added well know steps and a driver helper method to long press a widget (fixed issue and documentation)
When I long press "controlKey" button

When I long press "controlKey" icon for 1500 milliseconds

[1.1.8+7] - 11/08/2020

  • Added well know steps and a driver helper method to long press a widget
When I long press "controlKey" button

When I long press "controlKey" icon for 1500 milliseconds

[1.1.8+6] - 05/08/2020

[1.1.8+5] - 03/08/2020

  • Ensure all well known steps are exposed (Thanks to @tshedor for the PR!)

[1.1.8+4] - 26/07/2020

  • Fixes #76

[1.1.8+3] - 19/07/2020

  • Updated Gherkin library version to allow for function step implementations; updated docs to match.
  • Add steps SiblingContainsText , SwipeOnKey , SwipeOnText , TapTextWithinWidget , TapWidgetOfType , TapWidgetOfTypeWithin , TapWidgetWithText , TextExists , TextExistsWithin , WaitUntilKeyExists , and WaitUntilTypeExists . Thanks to @tshedor for the PR!

[1.1.8+2] - 11/05/2020

  • Fixed issue where the connection attempt of Flutter driver would not retry before throwing a connection error. This was causing an error on some machines trying to connect to an Android emulator (x86 & x86_64) that runs the googleapis (see https://github.com/flutter/flutter/issues/42433)
  • Added a before onBeforeFlutterDriverConnect and after onAfterFlutterDriverConnect Flutter driver connection method property to the test configuration FlutterTestConfiguration to enable custom logic before and after a driver connection attempt.
  • Updated Gherkin library version to sort issue with JSON reporter throwing error when an exception is logged before any steps have run

[1.1.8+1] - 09/05/2020

  • Updated Gherkin library version to sort issue with JSON reporter throwing error when an exception is logged before any feature have run

[1.1.8] - 08/05/2020

  • Updated library to work with the new way the Flutter stable branch manages logging for Flutter driver
  • Added the ability to test against an already running app; enabling you to debug a running application while it has tests executed against it. Setting the configuration property runningAppProtocolEndpointUri to the service protocol endpoint (found in stdout when an app has --verbose logging turned on) will ensure that the existing app is connected to rather than starting a new instance of the app. NOTE: ensure the app you are trying to connect to calls enableFlutterDriverExtension() when it starts up otherwise the Flutter Driver will not be able to connect to it.
  • BREAKING CHANGE Fixed spelling mistake of targetAppWorkingDirectory & flutterDriverMaxConnectionAttempts in FlutterTestConfiguration
  • BREAKING CHANGE reverse order of driver and finder in FlutterDriverUtils#isPresent . This makes this method's arguments more consistent with all other instance methods in the class by including driver first.
  • expect the presence of ThenExpectWidgetToBePresent . If the widget was not present, the method would simply timeout and not report an error for the step.

[1.1.7+6] - 04/03/2020

[1.1.7+5] - 03/02/2020

[1.1.7+4] - 31/01/2020

  • Update check to determine if any devices are connected to run tests against
  • When the flag verboseFlutterProcessLogs was true Flutter driver was preemptively connecting to the app when it was not ready

[1.1.7+3] - 08/01/2020

  • Added retry logic to the Flutter driver connect call to handle the seemingly random connection failures
  • Ensured AttachScreenshotOnFailedStepHook cannot throw an unhandled exception causing the test run to stop
  • Added new well known step When I tap the back button which finds and taps the default page back button
  • Added a new well known step Then I expect the widget 'notification' to be present within 2 seconds which expects a widget with a given key to be present within n seconds
  • Updated Gherkin library version

[1.1.7+2] - 07/01/2020

  • Increased the Flutter driver reconnection delay to try and overcome some driver to app connection issues on slower machines

[1.1.7+1] - 07/01/2020

  • Ensured when the Flutter driver is closed it cannot throw an unhandled exception causing the test run the stop
  • Updated Gherkin library version

[1.1.7] - 06/01/2020

  • WhenFillFieldStep Ensure widget is scrolled into view before setting it's value
  • Fixed lint warnings

[1.1.5+2] - 19/12/2019

  • When more than one connected device is present the device to run against was unknown causing a failure, now a message is logged saying the --device-id argument needs to be set
  • Fixed issue where deprecated api warnings when build a flutter app were written to the stderr stream

[1.1.5+1] - 18/12/2019

  • Migrated example to AndroidX

[1.1.5] - 05/12/2019

[1.1.4] - 27/09/2019

  • Added configuration parameter flutterBuildTimeout to allow setting the app build wait timeout. Slower machines may need longer to build and start the Flutter app under test.
  • Now logging the flutter driver command used when the configuration setting logFlutterProcessOutput is true
  • Verbose logging for the underlying Flutter process can be enabled via the configuration setting verboseFlutterProcessLogs
  • Added waitUntil helper method to the FlutterDriverUtils class that waits until a certain provided condition is true

[1.1.3] - 25/09/2019

  • Added Flutter driver reporter - the Flutter Driver logs all messages (even non-error ones) to stderr and will cause the process to be marked as failed by a CI server because of this. So this reporter redirects the messages to the appropriate output stream (stdout / stderr).
  • FlutterWorld - added missing super.dispose() call

[1.1.2] - 22/09/2019

  • Fixed lint warnings

[1.1.1] - 22/09/2019

  • Updated to latest Gherkin library
  • Ensured Gradle build warnings do not output to stderr and cause tests runs to fail just because of build warnings

[1.1.0] - 20/09/2019

  • Updated to latest Gherkin lib which implements languages - features can now be written in different languages / dialects! See https://cucumber.io/docs/gherkin/reference/#overview for supported dialects.
  • Ensured the hook to take a screenshot AttachScreenshotOnFailedStepHook works for steps that error or timeout as well as fail.
  • Fix missing await in FlutterDriverUtils when getting text of a widget.

[1.0.12] - 18/09/2019

  • Relaxed package constraints to accommodate older versions of Flutter

[1.0.11] - 18/09/2019

  • Fixed package constraints so older versions of Flutter are compatible

[1.0.10] - 18/09/2019

  • {string} placeholder variables can now contain whitespace characters [\n\r\t ]
  • Tags are now inherited by children if required (see https://cucumber.io/docs/cucumber/api/#tag-inheritance)
  • JSON reporter now adheres to the cucumber json reporter spec, I had to update the way tags and exceptions are handled

[1.0.9] - 03/09/2019

  • Added ability to define the working directory for the app to run the tests against

[1.0.8] - 25/08/2019

  • Updated to latest dart_gherkin lib which now has support for 'Scenario Outline' and 'Example' blocks

[1.0.7] - 23/08/2019

  • Updated to latest dart_gherkin lib

[1.0.6] - 21/08/2019

  • Added support to restart app during test world.restartApp();

[1.0.5] - 11/07/2019

  • Updated to latest dart_gherkin lib

[1.0.4] - 21/06/2019

  • Fixed analysis suggestions

[1.0.3] - 21/06/2019

  • Added ability to include a hook (see AttachScreenshotOnFailedStepHook ) that takes a screenshot after a failed step. If using the json reporter it include the screenshot in the report that can then be used to generate a HTML report.
  • Updated to latest dart_gherkin lib

[1.0.2] - 05/06/2019

  • Fixed analysis suggestions

[1.0.1] - 05/06/2019

  • Fixed dependency conflicts

[1.0.0] - 05/06/2019

  • Huge speed improvement when running tests by hot reloading (which clears the state) rather than restarting the app
  • Added flag to determine if the application should be built prior to running tests
  • Merged PR which allows for build flavor and device id to be specified thanks to @iqbalmineraltown for the PR
  • Updated to latest v1 dart_gherkin lib

[0.0.14] - 23/04/2019

[0.0.13] - 07/03/2019

  • StepStartedMessage created which includes a table parameter that reporters receive when step is started thanks to @Holloweye for the PR

[0.0.12] - 06/02/2019

  • Fixed package analysis error

[0.0.11] - 06/02/2019

  • Fixes issue with table parameters not being given to step
  • Added news hook that is called after the world for a scenario is created

[0.0.10] - 01/11/2018

  • Ensured summary reporter reports failure reason
  • Ensured well known Flutter step actions timeout before their parent step

[0.0.9] - 01/11/2018

  • Updated example of custom parameters and how to use them

[0.0.8] - 01/11/2018

  • Updated feature file glob pattern in readme examples

[0.0.7] - 01/11/2018

  • Added a test run summary reporter TestRunSummaryReporter that logs an aggregated summary of the test run once all tests have run.
  • Fixed up glob issue in example project

[0.0.6] - 31/10/2018

  • Added quick start steps in the example app readme

[0.0.5] - 29/10/2018

  • Sorted out formatting of pre-defined steps

[0.0.4] - 29/10/2018

  • Added more tests around FlutterTestConfiguration to ensure pre-defined steps are always added

[0.0.3] - 29/10/2018

  • Added more pre-defined flutter step definitions
  • Added more Flutter driver util methods to abstract common functionality like entering text into a control and tapping a button.

[0.0.2] - 29/10/2018

  • Fixed up dependencies

[0.0.1] - 29/10/2018

  • Initial working release