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Open Privacy's Go Cross Compile Container

Dockerfiles @ git.openprivacy.ca/openprivacy/go-cross-compile

This image was built for use with Drone CI but can be used with any docker setup you want.

Versions are:

  • 2024.02
    • Go 1.21.5
    • glibc 2.31 from Debian Bullseye
    • Android API 31
    • NDK 22.1.7171670
    • arm8 gcc cross compiler
    • mingw windows cross compiler

Install and Use

Version 2024.02

This image includes:

  • Android SDK, NDK, tools, and API version 31 and Buildtools 30.0.2 at /usr/local/android-sdk
  • Go lang at /usr/local/go
  • $GOPATH set to /gomobile
    • GOPATH includes gomobile cmd tools and source

This container has its own GOPATH with only gomobile in it, so to use, you'll need to re-get your go dependancies and then run gomobile init. The following example shows a Drone CI step using this image

  image: openpriv/go-cross-compile:2024.02
    - go mod download
    - gomobile init
    - make