send files to yourself or your friends easily
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WARNING: sendafriend has not been audited and probably contains security vulnerabilities. please do not use it for anything sensitive yet

quickly send files or control signals between machines by piping them on the command line, with bidirectional authentication and metadata resistance via tor (built on cwtch)

includes a way to quickly exchange onion addresses using a low-entropy shared secret (using pairwise socialist millionaires' protocol on a bbs) and a contact manager

note that we only support data up to 64k right now, sorry :( (a fix for this is in the works)

sendafriend is rated Adults Only because it generates random words sometimes and i haven't read all the words personally


requires you to have go installed and your gopath configured correctly (sorry). it also requires tor to be installed and running, with no authentication on the default control port (sorry, fixing now)

go get


one-time setup, on both machines: sendafriend pair [make-up-a-name]

activate the receiver first: sendafriend receive [made-up-name] > file.ext

then the sender: sendafriend send [made-up-name] < file.ext

the pairing feature is experimental and kinda flakey right now. you may find it easier to sendafriend info to get your identity string, transfer it over some other secure channel, and then sendafriend add [make-up-a-name] [identity string] to add it to the contact list

manage multiple identities

to have multiple addresses and contact lists, create a directory to hold them and prefix commands like so:

env SENDAFRIEND_FOLDER=$HOME/bob sendafriend info


made with love by errorinn